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May 01, 2009


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Little Doritos & the Real Roses not the shit they serve today.

Little Black Sambos before Sambos!

Par-tee-room in Seaside at the Golf Course and Newberrys lunch counter on Alder St.

Bun and Burger by Jefferson High School

The Pagoda in Hollywood

Forbidden City 94th & Sandy Blvd, now where I-205 is

captin's corner aka 1201

Didn't see Arctic Circle on the list...I really dug their french-fry sauce (ketchup and tartar sauce mix, as it turned out). SE 48th & Woodstock was the one we frequented. The original Dickey's was great too (just south of the car lot at 5050 SE 82nd Ave. -- they moved to SE 82nd & Holgate in the late 1960s). And how 'bout Flanagan's at SE 82nd & Powell?

Right next to my grade school alma mater, Ockley Green, was Mr.
> Lumberjack, which had a clone on 122nd just off Halsey. The one on
> Interstate has since become the Swan Garden Chinese restaurant.
> Across Interstate was Frosty's Snack Bar, next to the old Asthma-
> Nefrin plant. Circa 1963, Asthma-Nefrin closed and the building was
> remodeled into Interstate Lanes. Frosty's was torn down, but the
> sign wound up in Albina. Also on Interstate & Ainsworth was
> Fischer's Interstate Pharmacy (known as Ned's to my peers.) That
> venue is now Fat Cobra Video, specializing in porno from India.

Nicks Coney Island on Hawthorne has the Artic Circle Sauce. You have to ask for it.


It is Sweet Tibby Dunbars!

I don't remember Bart's at all. It sure looked art-deco cool. Where was it located?

I believe barts was on Sandy Blvd. they sure had a list of great eating establishments back then.

Night view of Barts Drive-In, 5004 SE Foster, Portland, Oregon, September 1948
(found it on google)

Fryer Tuck chicken is still alive & well at the Cider Mill Pub, SW Captial Hwy/Vermont.... even the to-go boxxes remain the same and all the fixins' are just as you would remember !



Bill Prescott

A-ha. Bart's must have been replaced by the Speck on that triple corner of Foster, Powell & 50th.


Slightly different topic. People my age remember that Kentucky Fried Chicken was franchised out to various local restaurants, such as the Speck in Portland. I know that Dayton, Ohio was another city where a local restaurant carried K.F.C. back in the day. I wish I could remember their name. Does anyone else know of any other cities where K.F.C. was sold through a local store?

The very first Kentucky Fried Chicken retail outlet was Harmon's in Salt Lake City. Check it out: http://www.flickr.com/photos/21548947@N00/219586027/

The first "bucket" of KFC I remember seeing came from The Speck in Portland.

Thanks for the memories.

The old Farrell's copy cat restaurant ""Clancy's" - was on 41st & Halsey and Mrs Murphy's Chowder House was on BH Hwy near Jesuit High

Tad's Chicken and Dumplings, AKA the "Chic Dump," is still going strong out in Troutdale....


The Clam Bowl out on 7958 SW Barbur Blvd. which used to have people lined up and waiting all the way around the block for hours on Friday nights just to get a bowl of clam chowder. Fantastic, now it is known as the Boulevard Cafe-Clam Bowl run, owned & operated by Victor Mosso.

George Lewis Cafe

George Lewis first opened the George Lewis Cafe in 1913. On Monday, November 21st, 1938 an enlarged and renovated restaurant, located in the new Central Bus Depot Building at 501 SW Taylor in downtown held its grand opening. The restaurant served thousands of people including hurried travelers, busy business men and women and diners who just wanted a special meal out.
The George Lewis Cafe soon became the largest and busiest restaurant in Portland. The Cafe had over 100 employees at one time, which was the largest number in the city. There would be long lines to eat at the cafe, while people waited for their buses to arrive and depart. The cafe was noted for the delicious homemade style food and friendly atmosphere.

Remember Macheezmo Mouse? There used to be one at Stark and Park. When I lived on campus I'd go before closing and delicious healthy burritos were 2 for $5 the last hour. Then a chocolate chip cookie from Coffee People (then) right next door..

Or how 'bout the lunch counter at Fred Meyer 6th and Alder?

More college memories: Tequila Willy's near the Willamette. KGON used to have an on-air morning buffet there: "Breakfast on the Willamette" with Iris and Mike. (God, am I that old?)

Last post tonight I promise. But I still had some misc. places someone may remember -

The Plankhouse
Mr. Steak
Johah's on Barbur Blvd
Victoria Station
that lunch counter next to Zupan's on Burnside and SW Vista
the Log Cabin on the way to the beach
Key Largo
Seafood Mama

Brings back a lot of memories.
Ron Hing ( Past owner of The Mandarin Restaurant )

Cajun Cafe (NW 21st & Lovejoy).

a few others...
Bart's wharf on the columbia
Rafters on the Willamette
Bills Gold Coin Burnside
Dinghiesers on the way to the Coast

any one with info on Quinn's Mill... please let me know.
interested in the years it was open ..down by Johns Landing... near Victoria Station as I recall
great nastalgic memories ..thanks

Remo's is gone, so is Cousins. Sorry if I missed them on the list. Were great late night hang outs! Really miss the Brasserie! This brings so many memories to this stumptown lover.

Bart's was on 50th & Foster, Jim Dandy's was/is on Sandy.

Does anyone know who owned Jolly Joan in the 1950's?

How about BC's on 26th and Powell in the late 80's? Great music, great dancing, great place to meet new people and find old friends. Packed every night of the week. Great memories.

Also, the Wooden Chicken Pub on 123rd and Sandy Blvd in the 80's. Or Carmen's on 39th and Sandy?

Try Lydia's on 185th and Burnside. Pat Pattee (from KISN radio in the 50's and 60's) is there every weekend listening to the great Oldies Rock-n-Roll.

Also, the Speck (a KFC place) on 50th and SE Powell, best french fries and gravy and cherry coke, with roller skating waitresses coming to your car. Found all our friends there.


Harry's Hurry Inn (on N. Lombard west of Interstate)

Does anyone know what happened to the Crab Broiler south of Seaside? It was one of my favorite places.

My great-aunt did a painting for The Anchorage and donated it to Mr. and Mrs. Roy Herlbert in the late 50's or early 60's, where it was placed in the stairway to the new Pilot Room. My aunt's name was Estelle Hell, a well-known teacher in Sellwood.
Does anyone know if the painting still exists?
Thank you!

My photo of Barts was used without permission. It's ok to use it, but it would be nice to give credit. The web page source for this photo is http://historicphotoarchive.com/caps4/00304.html
Thomas Robinson

I noticed Little King - It was a sub sandwich place located Downtown in the mid 1970's. Near Morgan's Alley.

There are still some Little King's still around. The home town is Omaha, Nebraska. There is a handful up and running - competing against Subway, Blimpie and Quiznos.

I will send you a photo of one when I get a chance.

I miss A Taste Of Bali, SW Broadway next to John Helmer's.

Loved the Mandarin!

How about Carmens in Hollywood. Great food!

I remember:

1. The Oak Pit Restaurant on Lombard in Portland Oregon.
2. The Lumberjack Drive-in on N. Interstate Ave.
3. The Surrey Restaurant at Jantzen beach.
4. Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor downtown.

You got the 'Formosa' and the 'Hung Far Low'...but what about the...

5.Copper Kitchen

and the...

6. Country Kitchen (Home of the 72 oz. steak).


I can't give geographical particulars, going back to the age of six here, but I'm pretty sure I didn't just dream Robin's drive in and Nolgren's cafeteria—the latter featured live music on the Wurlitzer at dinner!

Does anyone have any pictures of any of the Whiz Burger Drive-in's

Didn't see the Medieval Inn on the list -- takes me back!
BTW, the Brasserie Montmartre and Hung Far Low are still around; the Brasserie reopened some time ago, and Hung Far Low moved to SE 82nd.

Had lunch in Portland at a Rose's. It was so sad to see a stale sandwich being delivered to my table. Rose and the gentelman who bought the restaurant (Max) from Rose must be churning in their graves what these people have done to this incredible landmark name.

Jolly Joan-
Tom Micas owned the Jolly Joan. He and his wife Mrytle ran the restaurant.

My family went out for Sunday brunch frequently and Quinn's Mill was one of our favorite places. I remember it had a wooden interior, and as a child, I loved that it had a working indoor water wheel. They featured a brunch buffet--perfect for families.

Don't kill them off before their time..! The Red Coach and Poor Richards still exist! Go eat there quick...

They've hired an architect for Trader Vic's comeback into Pearl District on NW 12th & Glisan at the old Palomino Restaurant location.

What about Armand's on 6th and Washington back in the 70's or 80's(and whatever the name of the restauramt was before that) it went around the corner and you could enter on either 6th or Washington,

Also, The Hickory Stick (downtown Portland)

Does anyone know the name of the big restaurant that used to sit right at the "Y" on about 18th or 17th and SW Jefferson. This would have been way back in the 60's probably. Pretty restaurant that later turned into a Chinese restaurant, I think.

One other "stumper"...this was a little restaurant (more of a lunch spot) right around the downtown area. They had a cool little train that ran on tracks up high all around the dining area or lunch counter??? Would love to know the name....Driving me nuts!!!

Starlite in Gateway Satalite in Rockwood??

Did everyone forget Jolly Joans??

The Buttermilk Bar

The Pink Patio

The Top of The Cosmo


The Ara Vista

The Maple Leaf

Ainsworth Drugstore (counter) -- fabulous cheeseburgers!!

The Pixie Kitchen - Fabulous cod fish balls!

I used to work at the Lumberjack in the early 70's. Would love to have a picture of it. Good friends & memories.


I was just telling my wife about the unmatched pizza at Pieri's Deli on 39th and Powell. (And briefly, Pieri's Restaurant by Cleveland HS on Powell). I've never has one as good since. That crust and sauce was squisito!

How about Harvest House on about 68th and Halsey?

Omelettes and Such NE 108 & Halsey,Circus burger NE 60th & Prescott, The Carnival on hospital Hill. Vee Macs subs on SW 3rd. Michaels on NE 60th & Sandy BLVD. Hamburger Pattys NE 43rd & Fremont, Sun & Rosies 28th & E. Burnside

I used to manage Barney Bagel and Suzy Creamcheese in the Galleria downtown when it first opened in '78......FUN times indeed and a lot of great folks worked there.....food was pretty good too.

I would love to have a picture of the old Diner on the 10th floor of Meier & Frank. I ate there quite often as a kid. I believe they were turqoise tables, U shaped. I don't know if that was the Georgian Room of not. I can't find any pictures. I believe it was because it would be in the late 60's early 70's. They remodeled when I was older, but I would like a picture of the old Diner before they remodeled.

Hung Far Low is now on 82nd across the street from the Canton Grill. OMG. I loved those toilet seat size butterhorns at Quality Pie (QP)!! All these restaurants were the BEST!
Had many a meal at Lanai Louie's. Looked for it when I was in town a couple months ago.
Got in my first car accident with a drunk coming from the Anchorage.

How about the Oak Pit BBQ on Lovejoy and 19th or 20th???

On the master list Sweet Diddy Dunbar's should be Sweet Tibby Dunbar's. Before that it was Ireland's...and way before that it was the clubhouse for the Sullivan's Gulch golf course which was where the Banfield freeway is today!

I like you on facebook and follow through google reader!

I love your blog very much, more more info, I will concern it again!

how about adding the lunch counter at the John Jacob Astor Hotel, Astoria.....
this as i noticed some of you above choices are not in portland. and by the way; your picture of the river queen is quite rare i think. i think it shows the river queen in sellwood before the 1964 flood just up river from oaks park. but i could be wrong....
i too second jolly joans and quality pie in NW....


Kitchen Kettle on 102nd & Stark

Plush Pippin

King's Drive-In on 82nd & Halsey

Kelley's Drive-In (and putt putt golf) on 122nd & Division

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Milton and Oscars on Union Ave.3 blocks north of Killingsworth. Greatest twice baked potatoes in the world.

Stuart Andersons Black Angus in Beaverton. Bart's on n.w. Burnside. Bart Woodyard owned it. Then it was Bill's Gold Coin. Bart founded the Marine Drive resturant where Salty's is now. His son Perry didn't like to pay the I R S . Let's not forget the Alibi On Interstate Ave owned by Roy Ell which had one of the first Brosted chicken cookers in Portland.

Ryans Fish and Chips on Beaverton/Hillsdale Hwy

I understand Crab Broiler was the victim of a bad divorce and closed at that time...sad as it had a national reputation.

Didn't see the Pink Pearl?

Yes...The Pink Patio on Lombard..many couples met there and ended up getting married. Great restaurant like the Carnival with a patio theme.

Tad's Chicken and Dumplings is still open under original ownership in Troutdale


Sam's Hideaway is still open under different ownership on 162nd and Stark. Food not nearly as good as original owners though.


As mentioned: Nolgren's All You Can Eat for $?? One in Salem as well.

Sam's Hideaway used to be downtown near what is now Naito Parkway.

The Bohemian, Richard Neuberger's family's restaurant.

Semaphore (SE Holgate and 17th)

Why can't I find a picture of The Calico Cat on NE Sandy/ about 20th? Degenerated to a strip joint by late 80's, then destroyed after. Best neon sign ever. Email me: bigley666@comcast.net

Hagen's Donuts on 22nd and Sandy, across from channel 2 TV. A one of a kind place from 1960 to 1966

Foster Cafe in the old town Foster Hotel
X-L Donuts on 82nd- 40's 50's & 60's Made donuts exactly like Krispee kremes
The Buttermilk Corner 4th & taylor

pizzeria italian, 61st & foster possibly the first pizza in Ptld
Obie Snows all you can eat- eastport plaza

Alibi still open on Interstate
Maple Leaf still in business
Refectory still in business
Wooden Chicken Pub still in business
Jolly Roger still in business had to move from 39th & powell

Kings table at eastport
Abu Karim next to Old PPD station
sapporo restaurant on MLK Probably one the first Sushi bars in Ptld

beef & brew vancouver
theo nickos
sir loins
the quarterdeck
travel burger
earl kellys
the pizza palace
hazel dell brew pub
the frontier
jade palace

all great restaraunts from vancouvers past!

john you are clueless

wow! thats too bad, i never went there much but i knew of their legacy, it seems you cant re create things of the past in this day and age, and thats a shame! so many memories remembered, but never again to be realized!

Can anyone or does anyone know what year the Sambo's on NW 23rd and Burnside was built?


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