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August 19, 2009


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Saw those condos when we were visiting for Rhododendron festival in May. We took the tour and found them to be a steal for what you get. Florence was a berg you passed on the way to Bandon, now they have created a very interesting town.

We have been looking for about a year at all different places on the Oregon coast, will give this place a view soon. Interesting post.

Interest rate is un-real for a 2nd home property. Is this confirmed?

These sound very interesting, we are from Portland and I just love Florence but have not been there for awhile. I think these were being built the last time I was down there. I will be checking them out! Thanks for the info.

We were at the sand dunes recently and saw these condos from across the bay bridge, thought they might be out of our price range. I think we may reconsider and take a look. There website looks really nice!

Wow! I saw these condo's a few weeks ago and they are really nice. Florence is a great little town, with nice restaurants, shops, and a beautifull setting. We are from Salem and go to florence all the time. We could be buyers if I can talk my hubby into it?

What bank is writing deals like these? You would need a 900 credit score if there is such a thing.
65% are turned downs now. Banks are spooked. But good luck

Great blog on Florence, we live in Eugene and go to florence all the time. We have gone through the open house on these condo's and the financing is REAL they gave us all the info and we went and met with Sandi Page. She is at Washington Federal Savings and Loan. My wife and I had about a 20 minute talk with her very nice lady and she can get you approved. Check it out !

I'm heading down to check these out. Need a getaway and this looks too good not to visit.

Do not make payments in this market; cash deals only.

These look great, I am going to check them out soon ! I did look at there website and they look awesome ! I love to golf at Sand Pines, and the casino I have visited many times allready. Great town !

my wife and I were at the Casino and booked a room at Northbay directly through them. its a very nice place and very spacious. we plan to go back in september with the whole family and hit the dunes!

Hi, I am the Broker on the condos. The bank doing the loans is Washington Federal, they are a strong portfolio lender. The rates are real and you don't need a 900 credit score. Banks are cautious but down payment,good credit,proof of income and you will qualify. The owner negotiated these rates with the bank to motivate buyers. its real!call Sandy directly at 541-997-8206

This sounds great I am going to check these out next week. We are looking for a place at the coast to relax, that has golf and also has a nice town. Can't stand Newport, we have been looking in L.C. but the town is not making us miss it, so we will head South and check out Florence.

This is definitely the best building in Florence, located in Old Town, which basically is where everything in Florence happens. The prices are unbeatable, the units are great looking and have everything you can think of in them, as well as great bank financing.

This sounds like an ad to me!

Florence is a beautiful town and has lot's of things to do. I have not seen this building yet ? but will check it out during our next stay. We have been staying at the casino witch is very nice.

Not a ad Barry. Florence is a hidden gem with great weather all year, not like the central coast. These condo's are a steal. Been there and working on a purchase now. Greatest investment available for a coastal get away home. This is one of those snooze and you lose places you regret down the road. Value will only go up.

A friend just sent this to me. Knows we've been thinking of getting a place. My wife and myself will check it out next weekend.

I love Florence and am going to buy a place down on the coast. These are the best places in town since we have done our homework and looked all over town. We are also going to look in Newport before we make our final decession. Thanks for the blog!

These are the best places in town. We checked them out this weekend and there were lots of people staying there. The town is really nice and relaxing. Went to the sea lion caves and had a nice weekend.

Honestly, we have not seen a better value anywhere. If it was not for this sluggish economy and fear of what's next...we would snap one of these up today.

Wow! Love these units. Too bad I don't have any money. Seems ideal for well heeled empty nesters. I definitely will check it out.

Paula M

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