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January 18, 2010


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I worked for Mr Lyman Slack in the 70's. He was a real gentleman who ran a very straight house and enjoyed many return customers. An interesting note is that he had a friend who owned Carmichael Olds and the Carmichael's and the Slack's used to go out together. As they got older Mrs Slack and Mr Carmichael passed away. Mr Slack and Mrs Carmichael ended up getting married after that I think both were in their 80's by then but very vibrant people. No place comes close to this store anymore except possibly Dave Jachters Wilsonville Toyota.

The building remains much the same, although it has hosted 150 different businesses since I can remamber...

With no offense intended the youth in those days knew the biz as Slimy Jack's and Roy Burnett Motors downtown as Rubber Nuts, just to name two.

Those were the days when people were not easily offended and laughed a whole bunch more.

How about the parts dept being open till midnight!

I believe Lyman Slack married Louise Wilson after her husband, Burt Wilson and Mrs. Slack passed away Her husband had a car dealership down the street and had worked for Lyman Slack before he opened his own car dealership.

I have a old Impala 4 dorr ht sold new at Lyman Slack motors Portland Oregon. Do somebody have a pictures of Lyman Slack motors from 1962.

Fantastic and inspirational posting. I love your blog and judging by the commentary you have a great list of followers. Will bookmark this site and keep updated..cheers!

I worked for Mr. Slack and Mr. Flemming in 1959, 1960 and 1961 during summers while in high school. I was a "car shag". 1st year just driving cars from the upper parking lot to the customer delivery area. I was only 15 with a learners permit. Swept the floor, took out the garbage. 2nd year I would do home deliveries of repaired vehicles. good job for a kid. But the 3rd year topped them all for a young teenage boy in those days. I was the person who did the "night runs" for the dealer trades. A customer would come in to buy a new car and would be shown what he wanted but he wanted a red one instead of the white he was shown! So the salesperson would tell them they had a red one on "the other lot" not yet prepared but would have it ready "tomorrow". Well tomorrow mean't for me to take the white one to Seattle or Boise or Medford or wherever and bring back the red one before morning. Both ways with both cars was with the speedometer disconnected. I mean after all, the customer wanted a "new" car with less than 5 miles on it! Very common practice in those days but don't know if it is even possible with today's cars. Every dealer did the same. I drove Corvettes, Impalas, convertibles and more to a young mans delight. Great experience!
Mr. slack was a wonderful man who served the Portland well. He started out a Mercury dealership and provided all new convertibles to the Rose Festival Queens Court every year. That is how I got the job there because my Aunt was the Head Chaperone for the queens court. After the festival, he would sell the cars at the new price and people would buy them just for the honor of having a car that was used by Royalty. Yes, those were the days!

I have a 54 Mercury Monterey purchased new from Lyman Slack Motors. Is there a picture of their sales decal (trunk lid type) available from that time period? Also, I understand there is a license plate frame from there. Any info would be appreciated,

I have a couple of restored Chevy musclecars from the '60s that I credit Lyman Slack Chevrolet's parts department for making restoration possible with NOS parts. The parts department there was incredible. Prices were fair, and their inventory was huge. I'd walk in there expecting that some obscure little part would have to be ordered, and they'd have it in stock! I became a regular there, and after a while I started getting wholesale prices on the parts. I spent a lot of money there over the span of about 5 years. The parts guys there were also wonderful, really nice guys, who knew their Chevrolet parts inside and out. All of this was in the late '70's and early '80's. The folks that I worked with back then had nothing but good things to say about the company, and its owner. When I got one of the cars completed, I drove it to the dealership. to show the parts guys the car. The car drew a crowd...including Lyman Slack himself. He shook my hand and offered his compliments on the car. That was a good day.

Does anyone have a picture of Lyman Slack Motors when it was a Mercury Dealership in 1954? I undertand my father bought a new Merc in 1954.

General Motors plans to introduce a few products from the SAIC Motor stable. One of the Wuling Hongtu Minivan was spotted in Maharashtra.

I purchased many Chevrolets from Lyman Slack Motors. Very up standing dealership and parts department. In september 1968 I ordered a special 1969 Camaro, Black DZ-302 425hp it had dual four barrel carburators, 4 wheel dics brakes, and the list goes on. I ordered everything that was listed in a copy of Hot Rod magazine with part numbers that came from General Motors. The car was a 60 day order because it was painted black, during my 60 day wait I received my draft papers. I went back to the salesman that sold me the car and he set a meeting up for me with Mr. Lyman Slack. He was a very up standing person he let me out of my contract and refunded my $1,000.00 I had put down and said his son was going to take delivery of my car. I'm very interested in finding this car if it still exist. My name is Brad Lorenz E- Mail address bradlorenz@hotmail.com any information would be appreciated

Cool Story Brad.I have a 1968 camaro corvette bronze houndstooth interior loaded from lyman slack..I wish some one had there records from the 60"s pn the cars purchased from lyman slack bigdaddy97236@aim.com

I worked at Lyman Slack in the late 70's early 80's in the parts department and what Rick said is all true. At that time we had some of the most knowledgeable parts guys in the city. Most of the car enthusiasts and hot rodders came there to collect parts.Super Chevrolet Parts (Kibby) and Dans Classic Cars started their businesses by buying parts from us at Lyman Slack... Ron Tonkin was pushing to be the biggest but Lyman Slack had the best service. Craig Fletcher had a near photographic memory and Monte Rowland grew up building and racing cars his whole life.Those were good times. Mr Slack is the only person I have known personally... that was on the cover of TIME Magazine. A true gem of a man.I bought my only " brand new" car from that dealership. They believed in " the customer comes first" back then. Where has that idea gone. I am glad people still have good memorys of something I can say I was part of. Thanks

I also worked at Lyman Slack with Jeff Deyoe, Craig Fletcher and my boss Monte Rawland who took us to the drag races at PIR. Monte, as a younger man raced with Monte Shelton I was told. I have quite a few good memories working at Slack's for the few years I was there and then moved to Tonkin Chevrolet where I worked through the 1980's. Strange, while I was employed by these two companies I mainly drove Ford vehicles. I now drive a 2010 Camaro.

I work there in the 70's and 80's. You will NEVER find a nicer group of people to work with.

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