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March 01, 2010


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That was Bob Amsberry. His radio show was "Uncle Bob and The Squirrel Cage". Went on to Hollywood and Walt Disney's "Mickey Mouse Club" TV program.

Uncle Bob's Squirrel Cage was my favorite show until we got our first TV when I was 4-1/2 in February 1955!

Those sure were some good day's Don!

Anyone remember the Saturday morning kid talent shows at the Hollywood Theater? As I recall, Uncle Bob was the host and it was sponsored by Armour Star Hot Dogs. After the live show that was either taped or live on the radio, they showed a couple of cartoons, a serial (like Captain Midnight) and movie.

Yes, I do remember John...Armour Star Hot Dogs was Uncle Bob's main sponsor. I can hear the jingle now,"...the dog kid's love to bite".

Never saw "Uncle Bob" in person, but my mom always turned in the "Squirrel Cage" for me when I was pre-school.

I recall Bob was vacationing in Portland from his new home with Disney, and died in a car accident near Mt. Hood when his T-Bird or Corvette left the road. He was not wearing a seat belt.

That's right Robin...the date of the accident was November 20th,1957. It occurred three day's before my 14th birthday.

I recall that it was a small Thunderbird. There is a similar thread on feedback.pdxradio.com in which some info was posted which indicates that he had returned to Portland, and was working at KEX at the time of the accident.
Anybody remember the names of his animal characters?

I remember the radio show "uncle Bob And the Squirrel Cage' and wonder if there are any recording of it that can be bought and who would I ask?
I remember seeeing Bob Amsberry at Jantzen Beach Amusement Park in thr late 1940's as a small kid. He used to broadcast from there. Soon after I remember my mom telling me that he died in car accident. The Squirrel Cage was my favorite Radio program as well. I also loved his theme song. I think it was taken from a song at that time but it was played on the Squirrel Cage with strong warm chords on a guitar. I loved it and can still hear it in my head and wish I had a recordidng of it. If anybody knows the name of his theme song please email me and let me know.

P.S. jr_tech: "Anybody remember the names of his animal characters?"
I might and will post the names here if I do. B.T.

My recollection is that the animal characters were named Gus and Gabby. Great show, and I hope some recordings have survived that could be put on the Internet.

I found TONS of stuff about "Uncle Bob" that Craig Adams researched on this site: http://feedback.pdxradio.com/topic/uncle-bob-amsberry-amp-ginny-tyler-portland-radio-days

Uncle Bob lived about 3 houses down from us on SE Knapp. His Mom and My Mom were good friends and Bob went to Franklin High with my Brother & Sister. Every kid tuned into the Squirrel Cage. Bob wrote all of his own scripts, music and sound effects and voices of his many animal characters. He decided to go to LA to make it bigger in the entertainment business. He even came by our house to say goodby. the next thing we heard was that he was going to be on a new Disney show called the Mickey Mouse club and I remember starting to watch it in the early 50's. Bob played many different characters on the show,wrote the script & composed the songs for the various skits. we dont know exactly why, but he was persona non grata to Walt Disney, freguently expressed his dislike for Bob, and eventually Uncle Bob was dismissed from the show, so he was not on vacation, but came up to Portland to see his Mom. back in 57, seat belts were not standard equipment, thus we lost a colorful, talented Portlander who gave the youngsters growing up in the 40's & 50's tons of happy memories.

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