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September 14, 2010


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My wife couldn't wait to forget her, but not me.

Joey remains single. She has never remarried since her divorce from Lance Rentzel in 1972.

Oh yes...A big Happy Birthday to Joey!

Yeah, remember her layout in Playboy.

SIngle, huh? Well, you know I'm not currently involved...so.....oh well.

Meowwwwww... :)


SEX...that top picture..is HOT!

The man I'm with, had her in the back seat of his car (with several other friends) when she went "nuts" and cut all of the seats because "she could". She was cute, but never more than a spoiled Long Island "wanna be" star. She shined brightest in the backseat!

I know she won't remember me but we met one day at my house in Levittown, N.Y. Our fathers (Ray Heatherton) were best friends in the Marine Corps together and they had a race to see which of us would be born first.....she won by 2 1/2 weeks as I recall. She was one of the most talented gals in Hollywood and should have been a household name today. Sorry about your Dad, I liked him a lot, always did.

Back in the sixties i was a hairdresser in Great Neck. Joey used to come in for her color and haircut.The name of the shop was Paul Christos.

I went out with a girl that looked like Joey. She was cute as a whip. Had the short blonde hair with the bangs in the front. Joey had nice plump lips I wish I could have been kissing. Sexy as hell. I wind up fallen in love with that girl. I saw Joey's head shot in a magazine and cut it out and hung it on the wall where I worked. I thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world. Still think she's a bombshell. I'd like to meet her in person and spend some time with her.

Joey Heatherton was beautiful - still is. There was nothing about her that wasn't physically perfect to look at and wonderful to watch and listen to - will always be one of the most memorable "kittens" of my generation. Thank you for sharing all your talents with us Ms. Heatherton - it's been an honor and a pleasure!

Met her in Las Vegas, must have been the early 1950's. Actually, there was a real beauty under that glamour girl creation that was more Hollywood than real life. Like so many young ladies, Hollywood was not a genuine friend and Joey was type cast unfairly. In doing shows with Bob Hope, she seemed to really shine as her audiences really loved her for taking time to entertain them. I do hope she finds real happiness and contentment.

oh, how we all wish we could go back in time !

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