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October 03, 2010


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Man, that is way cool. And you can really see the influence it must have had on the design of the early Corvettes.

Looks like the stylists had fun with a 53 Corvette.

Just think about how many poor people one could feed with $3.2 million dollars. I am sorry but what a terrible waste. The buyer of the car is obviously a millionaire, and he should be giving back to society.

Someone has obviously appropriated the Chuckie name. Combine the Chuckie comment here with the one on the OJ thread and you know something just ain't right.

Yep, I'm guessing some bleeding heart libtard is writing and using Chuckie's name. No way would Chuckie take OJ's side and actually believe OJ was anything but guilty. Furthermore. Chuckie would certainly support this guy's right to spend his hard earned money as he wishes.

You're busted you LIBTARD JERKOFF. Does Mr. Stump need to institute some kind of password system here?

Agree .Chuck must be furious

Typical lib wealth jealousy. Typical lib dirty and dishonest trick shilling as someone else.

Can't we all just get along.

Yeah, just as soon as I find the secret moral-superior place with Unicorns and rainbows. Word has it everyone there is given a free Ouija Board, a generous block of government surplus cheese, and a free annual rectal exam to extract their head (although removals are rarely successful).

It is a true art. The golden color gives it extra atraction. It is generous act to spend such money and donate it to a museum. I wonder if they could there to drive on the road at that price tag. I really wonder the insurance costs even when it is sitting in a special museum room.

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