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October 13, 2010


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...pretty impressive responses. Young guys, getting a great start in Portland. Where have I heard THAT story before?! Go get 'em, Matt!

Roger W. Morgan

You and the female host make a great duo. Excellent chemistry on the tube.

Sounds more like a man-crush.

I watch the channel 6 news in the morning. Matt does an excellent job on the program.

With is comment on favorite flick's being, "anything Coen Brother's", he's a good man in my book!

Like Kacey. Amazing. Matt your not bad either!!!!!

Everyone thought Rob Marciano was the strongest talent to come out of weather circles in Portland. He was ok but never thought he had any personality. Matt Brode has talent of national network quality. He will not be around long and Kaci Montoya is another dynamic talent. Bye Bye Koin- See ya on Fox.

Maybe people watching Rob Marciano liked him but not the people who worked with him. Really arrogant and was hardly ever where he was supposed to be on time. Always blamed someone else when he screwed up or things didn't go his way.

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