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December 27, 2010


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anyone have any ideas as to what chain this might be? Dennys? IHOP? hmmm.

quick, someone get him a bag of candy.


Already been in prison.

If I knocked off a 7-11 and stole a hot dog, I'd be arrested.

This guy is a hero for ripping off people for millions. Mr. Stump, really?

It is really quite amazing. If you have enough $ stashed you can get away with anything.

Andy is a good guy. He got off track and coaught up in scumbag Jeff Graysons schemes, but he is a good father and has contributed millions to our community. Grayson was the scumbag and he conned a much younger man into going along with him. Andy made his mistakes and he paid for them. He has moved on and he is doing well. I wish him the best. Mainly because it pisses off so many unambitious lazy Portlanders to watch a guy get kicked down the ladder and then rise again. Andy will always be successful and lead a great life because he is ambitious and tenacious and he has chosen to work hard and not just serve coffee at Starbucks like the rest of the scumbags in Portland

Yeah Chuckie, Andy Wiederhorn may have done a LIMITED amount of time but all of the people he ripped off are poorer for having known him. He may be a great husband and father but that doesn't excuse the thefts he committed.

It's amazing that any corporation would have anything to do with him. He should still be in jail.

There should be a movie made. The huckster Grayson in his wheel chair smoking $50 cigars, Andy with the show houses in the west hills & Gearhart, the private jets, going to prison and becoming a model inmate while still earning over a million a year from Foghorn. Coming out of prison and starting all over again with new deals. No mortgage payments on a mansion upside down and moving away after the private club did not want him anymore. Who wouldn't see that movie?

First off Joel, you moron. Andy never ripped anyone off. The markets he was competing in, suffered an international collapse, not Andys fault but he was certainly a player in that game. Grayson conned him into so many illicit deals due to Graysons vast experience and Andy's inexperience and youth. And besides, the only people who got burned were the Union funds that trusted scumbag Grayson. And frankly, who gives a crap about scumbag Union members who are the scum of the earth anyway. ha ha ha ha ha

Fuck you, very much Chuckie.

Sounds like ol' Chuckie worships at the altar of Andys loins and is not ashamed to admit it. Keep tipping at your acid-induced windmills Chuckie....you bloviating douche bag.

I know the family. They are gracious people who have given hundreds of thousands to charity. Andrew made mistakes and paid his price. What is it with you people?

Barbary you are right on. People in this pisshole town are so jealous and hate filled towards anyone who achieves any success. Andy and his family paid a tremendous price and they all moved on with their lives, but so many mindless, bearded hicks in Portland keep the hate going cuz they have nothing else in their pathetic rain soaked miserable lives. Portland is a national joke and this is a prime example of why. Because the city is populated with little people with tiny minds and great jealousy and anger.

So Chuck, is Wesley Rhodes just another misunderstood example of a little pisshole town mentality towards people who have achieved financial success or is he a crook? Hurry, I can't make up my mind until you tell me what to think. Douche bag.

Hey JACK off, I dont know your buddy Rhodes, but you are a nobody and no one will miss you or even know you were here after you kick the bucket. No one will come to your funeral you scumbag. Of course your scumbag out of work worthless renter family will probably have your funeral at a 7-11 you loser. Hows that free government cheese and your craphole one bedroom apartment you live in scumbag. ha ha ha ha

Andrew Wiederhorn for President!

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