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January 27, 2011


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Kacey is wasting time with Matt Brode. She should call Chuckie for the ultimate male pleasure. I am good looking, rich and powerful. And most importantly, I know that you should not wear a dumb looking hat inside a restaurant.

Somebody is a stalker...........

Chuckie, you rock..!! You da MAN...!!

Brode must not have been raised properly; taught not to wear a 'cover' inside a building...get my drift..?

Enjoyed your comments Chuckie...

I 2nd the NO hat wearing inside too!

Maybe he is trying to hide something there...)

What resturant are they at?

Great photo of two stars! It's not a hat wise guy, its a sun visor! I know no one has seen one in Portland for a while.
Great job both of you. The other guy is jealous.

Hope springs eternal. Sun visor in Portland is precisely what a working weatherman should have. KC is the best thing that KOIN has going for it. She's a keeper...but I expect FOX NYC has it's eyes on her.

The guys sound jealous.Every right to be. Kacey Montoya is a 10 plus with a face NOT for radio.

Anyone who works in TV news knows that it is not a promotion to go from a full time anchor job to a weekend anchor job. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Maddy: Are you Edward R. Murrow? Are you the media expert that knows getting up at 2am VS being able to report and anchor to 5X the audience in prime is a bad deal?

The way you keep "stumping" for Kacey makes me wonder if you're related to her - if not, down boy!

OK. I've got it figured out now that you're either Kacey's dad or a stalker. And, by the way, did you take this picture? I'm guessing so. Who else would have cared enough to place on your blog?

What guy isn't in love with this babe?

Stalking? I don't think so. I have said from the time she started that Fox network would be the stalkers. Koin will get full value from her reporting ability and more eyes will see her anchor with Ken in prime/weekends.


Congratulations to Kacey on her new spot, and to her and Matt on their new-found relationship. Best wishes to you both in life and love!

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