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February 19, 2011


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It is a matter of public record that Wu brutally raped a young woman at Stanford University while he was in college there. The woman didn't want to press charges so the police couldn't do much. But the University has a file on this. Wu's heinous attack is on the record, and it was reported by the Oregonian prior to his re-election in 2006. The mindless hillbilly voters of Oregon re-elected him even after learning that he is a rapist and that he even apologized for committing the rape. UNBELIEVABLE ANYWHERE BUT HERE IN OREGON. And may I also add...Where is the outrage from all the liberal womens groups who attacked Republican Bob Packwood for making unwanted passes at women? Oh thats right, we live in scumville Hillbilly Oregon and Wu is a scumbag democrat so anything he does, including rape, is OK with the Hillbillies of Oregon. What I love most about the liberal mindless robots in Oregon is that they all think they are such unique individuals, yet they are all the same, with the same thoughts, ideas and actions. They all vote alike, talk alike and sound alike. They are the most boring, narrow minded group of bigots and self centered takers from our society. They give nothing back and they refuse to sacrifice anything in their qwest to make everyone in the collective conform to the party line. Oregon has gone to hell and Wu is just a prime example of how screwed up the people are in this state.

Haha, I just read this in the national news. Oregon just can't top itself.

Hey thanks for the Intel jobs.

I'd forgotten about the Wu rape. So we have Wu...an out and out rapist. Goldshit...a statutory rapist. And Sam Adams...a child molester. All DUMBoCRAPs. Hmmmmm.

Wu dressed as a tiger is the least of our concerns about the First District loon.

That Portlandia series just can't run out of new content. Just when I think the libtards can't outdo themselves - they do.

Hey, Chuckie...please don't confuse us hillbillies with your basic Oregon redneck. We mountain folk usually vote Republican.

And you're totally correct when you state that it seems dumb-o-craps get away with most anything...including murder.

Sadly pathetic and embarrassing!

I weep for the state of Oregon!

Sorry Stevie. I just hate the moron electorate here in Oregon. They are mindless with no creativity and ingenuity. Our state is a wreck and these fools just keep electing democrats and union stooge who have led our country and state to complete ruin. And the funny thing is, look at the public employees union in Wisconsin. They are striking and shutting down the state like they did in Greece and Italy. There are mobs in the street because they wont give up massive pay and benefit increases even though THE STATE IS COMPLETELY BROKE AND HAS NO WAY TO PAY THEM. My god, where do they think the state will get the money. Like all good democrats, they dont care. They just want to scream for more government money, more benefits, lifetime free health care, and earlier retirement. The democrats have destroyed america and I dont know if we can rebuild it. We are no longer the world leader in anything but the debt we owe all the other nations. Democrats are horrible people and the death of america is on their selfish hands.

Great dissertation stumptown. These idiots are hypocrites to the nth degree. The day of reckoning will come with a huge default on compensation and benefits. Those idiots in Wisconsin have no clue. The sad part is the idiots running the GOP in Oregon don't have a clue on how to get people elected or legislation passed or win issues e.g. 66/67.

Yeah Chuck, George W Bush was such a smart and successful President


Take a look at Oregon voter registration figures. You'll soon figure out that it has nothing to do with leadership and everything to do with the numbers.

The problem in specific is Multnomah County and to a lesser degree Lane County and Benton County. In 2002 if you took Multnomah County out of the equation then we would have had Governor Mannix instead of Governor Kulongcrapski. Likewise in 2010, without Multnomah County we would have had Governor Chris Dudley instead of Governor John Kitzslobber.

Look at your TV...see that show "Portlandia." Well, all of those crazies do exist in Portland and they vote DUMBoCRAP. There are unfortunately so many DUMBoCRAPs in Portland that they overshadow the rest of the state which generally votes conservative.

Be thankful we have a split majority in the Oregon House and that will at least keep the DUMBoCRAPs from their foolish spending proclivities. Be thankful that Republicans have control of the US House and will keep the Senate DUMBoCRAPs and the Obamantion...the Jerk in Chief...from spending like drunken sailors.

Given their instincts, the DUMBoCRAPs would spend billions of dollars we don't have and can't even begin to tax. They'd just fire up the printing presses.It is our good fortune that the GOP is standing in their way.

I continue reading comments and hearing comments on talk radio about the liberal machinery in the larger counties of Oregon running the state as they see fit. I also hear and read about all the corruption and back- room deals that hide rapists and thieves from the public when damage to their public image would damage the machine. I agree that these are problems. Have been for decades. it's quite infuriating.

Would anyone like to suggest a solution or do we just keep calling talk shows and making up goofy names for those with whom we disagree?

Even in that outfit, he is still better dressed than Earl Blumenauer and appears more sane than Nancy Pelosi.

rj - problem is the normal folks are Clark County's best friend...after each election and tax hike more of us flee there - giving the libtards an even more unbalanced voting block. Don't expect this to change - therefore don't expect The People's Republic to change. But they'll be needing more taxes to make up the shortfall (my how those tax hikes never give 'em what they say they'll get, and usually they're even worse off than before, wonder why).

*As the train hurtles by, there is only a vast whoosh , the sound of air being parted by a vehicle traveling at close to 300 m. p. h.

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