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December 30, 2011


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This was a pretty cool wrap-up, Mr. Stump! Thanks and Happy New Year to you and the rest of the crew working so hard behind the scenes bringing KISN back in February....a NICE way to start 2012 off...and no biggy that it was a little later than the original date of September...it will be SO worth it when we DO get to use our daily bookmark of the Mighty 91 !!

Took the words out of my mouth Plog!

Always enjoy following you Mr. Stump as the Stumptownblogger !

Keep up the good work & posting old pictures of Portland.

I hope you'll remain optimistic, things will be better in 2012 - after all it is an election year, historically, when either party is in charge - times get better by November.

Happy New Year, Dave!

Scratch is a wonderful restaurant. Thanks for giving them the credit they deserve. Killing Kisn was a huge mistake, no question. Happy you are reviving a Portland classic.

KEX has been bought by a consortium led by Wayne LaPierre and will become KNRA. G. Gordon Liddy will be on during morning drive, with Rush staying at the 9-12 slot. Ted Nugent will follow Rush Limbaugh, with Mark & Dave being the token "moderate" show. That will be followed by Richard Marcinko's radio broadcast.

Over at KOIN, Courtney Love, who has moved back to the Rose City, will co-anchor the 11 o'clock news with Phil Donahue. After which, Courtney will do a set at Dante's with Kat Bjelland and Tres Shannon. No word yet if the rumor is true that Roz Rezabeck will be doing the sports during the 11PM broadcast.

How many remember the mighty 1190 days of Kex? Barney, Ric Thomas, Art Smart, Ted Rogers, Beaver Baseball with Rollie and Bob, Bob Swanson, Russ Conrad and the best radio news team in Rose City history. Today KEX is forgettable

Right on Radio Head. Remember Uncle Bob(Amsberry)and the Squirrel Cage? KEX at one time a aired some great radio!

Jack Ohman is terrific. Oregonians are lucky to have him here.

I have not subscribed to the Oregonian in six years, I pick it up in my coffee shop for free. They had the balls to raise prices with that think dying rag they call a newspaper

Steve Duin, Jack Ohman and Tom Hallman better start looking for other avenues of employment because the O is about to go under. Portland may soon become the first big city without a daily newspaper...not that it has much of one now.

Best retro/current commentary blog of 2011....

Stumptown Blogger hands down

Oregonian will be around. In the last year they have impressed me with dynamic feature stories. You don't get those on Katu news.

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