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December 17, 2011


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Such fond and wonderful memories of "Santa Land" at Meier & Frank!! I am very grateful to have grown up when this and SO many other fun things like it were available to us in downtown Portland!!

And now...just a boring chain store filled with overpriced stuff. I'd rather go to WalMart.

Not to mention their window displays are a little frightening to look at...even on the spooky side! ....Gone are the days of fluffy snowmen, Santa's elves, gobs of Great Toys, teddy bears, dolls of every kind, little miniature towns decorated up for Christmas, and a very fun electric train that circled around them all!!

In the early '60's, children could call Santa Claus on certain evenings at Meier and Frank. My great-uncle, a furniture saleman at Meier and Frank downtown, was a phone Santa, and he had the perfect voice and laugh and good nature for it. I remember calling Santa.

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