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July 10, 2012


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Who is the dark haired fellow in the first photo?

The "dark haired fellow" pictured with Milner is George Maharis. his Route 66 co-star.

Thanks. Wow -- if you do a google image search on Maharis you get some pretty risque shots. Boy is naked in one! Gay?

This is because Martin Milner was and is, a Class Act. My family was glued to the TV each week when Adam-12 was on.

George Maharis was very famous with the ladies. He posed nude for a women's magazine when I was a kid. I don't think he was gay. Why would he have to be gay just because he was naked. I'm naked sometimes and I'm not gay.

He's openly gay.


I was riding the Wed nite tour from Bob's Big Boy, up the valley, down the coast and in Sunset strip, on my '56 Triumph Tiger 110, but getting beat - needed more grunt. Ad appears for '64 Norton Atlas Scrambler,
I drop my Triumph in a puddle flying to address in Studio City. Martin Milner and his kids open the door - I love the bike, 442 mi, Tony Nancy hand-stitched white tarp w black piping, manuals, tools, T-shirt, all for
$850. I had to sign my twenty dollar money orders, a pain for him, but yes, classy person. Great bike, no
sand being kicked in my face any longer. Rode to Chgo via the Rockies, draft close behind, fall '64

I miss seeing Martin Milner on screen. I still watch Adam 12 on reruns. We both share the fact that we were born in Detroit Mich. I wish he would make guest appearances on something like NCIS. If Betty White can still do it so can he. Miss Ya!

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