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July 20, 2012


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What is really scary is I remember it being an Airport. Makes me feel old Dave. GREAT picture!

I remember that mall being called "Bernard's Beaverton Mall". Back in the hey day of malls springing up all over. Now, most malls as we know them are really nothing special today.

So weird to see no Sunset Lanes or the Tasty Freeze yet on Walker Road that was there in late 60's and 70's. Just an open field.

Or no TV Antenna Farm yet up on the West Hills off of Miller Road for KPTV, KGW and KATU.

First baskin robbins in a mall was at Bernard Mall

My father, who is 86 years old, along with a friend rode his bicycle to Barnard field from his home in Lake Grove when he was very young, probably under 10. He and his buddy helped some guy wash the guy's small plane at the air field that day. As a reward, the guy took them both up for a spin. When dad got home and told his mom (my grandmother) that he had flown in a plane, she about had a heart attack. Can you imagine this happening in this day and age?

I got my first airplane ride at Bernard's Airport when I was a lad and inspired me to get a pilot's license years later. Too bad that place is gone.

I nailed my first wife in the parking lot at Beaverton Mall

See that big white roof in the upper left hand corner of the picture. That's the barn on Charlie Bernard's farm. My best buddy, as a kid, was a Bernard. His family owned that end of town and my family farmed the part of Beaverton that is now Fred Meyer and Beaverton Town Center.

Was Bernard's officially part of the name (the legal name of the mall, the signage, etc.) or is that simply what people called it in reference to the airport?

Can any one tell me what the original stores where going from the opening to a few years ago?? I do some retail blogging and live outside Beaverton and I never knew this had such history

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