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September 14, 2012


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What happened to the posting of stock prices? Why are the puzzles so small,you need a magnifying glass to do them? Why are the NFL weekend listings and predictions now half on one page and half on another? I've been reading USA Today for 30 years, because it's unique and easy to read. Now it's just a run-of-the-mill newspaper like all its competitors. I plan to cancel my subscription if it stays this way.

I've been reading the USA Today since its inception. When the paper first appeared, I would look everywhere for the paper to get my "fix". However with the new format it's clear their demographic has changed and obviously doesn't include me! I am canceling my subscription and will no longer seek out my once beloved newspaper.

Geez...is USA Today still *around*? I thought it was always a mish-mash design.

Hugely underwhelmed by this redesign. I wonder why I am reading a newspaper whose decision makers have such a different taste than mine. It looks like a newspaper from 1972. Has what I call AP style - a group think effect

Bad...bad...bad new format. If retained, I will cancel subscription.

The new USA Toady sucks!! Who can read this fine print,are you kidding me.Why change such a good paper?

My wife and I have been longtime readers of USA Today. But we will be cancelling our subcription when it runs out because we find the new format to be jumbled and very difficult to read. We are senior citizens, probably like the majority of your readers, so the new format does not make sense to us.

A sad day, I agree with most comments. The online new format maybe a good fit for apple Ipad's users but for most of my friends and students, it takes so much time now to find articles of interest and site runs slow to access articles. And the size of font on the newsprint is a very serious problem for a core market, baby boomers who helped make this paper so popular. A sad day for USAToday's friends who grew with and learned with it, indeed a sad day.

Another problem - I can't print the crossword puzzle as of this morning (Saturday, September 29, 2013.

This sucks

I really looked forward to seeing the top 10 movies for the week in the Life Section of the Tuesday edition of USA Today. It appears that this feature has been left out of the new USA Today format as of September 15, 2012. Maybe I am missing the location of the top 10 movies for the week in the new format? If so maybe someone could direct me to where this information is located in the new USA Today format?

I always thought the web page for USATODAY was pretty good..The web redesign is too busy, like a kids picture book plus I guess its for people who only read on a smart phone setup. Unfortunatley that is not the ideal for a pc so perhaps they will reconsider and maintain the classic option. Sort of like yahoo mail e.g.

I also found a lot of bad links and the puzzles, what is going on there. Too much effort to put the black blocks in? icons do not work also. Its also kind of slow at times but that will improve as people leave for more readable sites:)

WTF is USA Today intentionally destroying itself. They changed the online format and it is now unusable I use the Opera Browser and now none of the nav buttons work.

So here is my plan No More USA Today, News I'll get from Google, Wash Post, Huff Post and Sports I'll get from ESPN.

You idiots at USA are about to find out just how replaceable you are.

The layout & interface is appallingly ugly and unintuitive. It looks like work by a 12 year teleported from 1996 who lied about being a "graphic artist". I've seen better work in the litter box of a a cat dying of rectal cancer.

-- The featured pictures and content are tabloid-like and as intellectually vacuous as Hoda and Gifford.

-- An advert overlay (screen right) obscures other content and acts as an annoying obstacle -- forcing you to close it.

-- USAToday lost DAYS of my interaction with the site after requiring facebook membership to comment. Now they will lose me entirely as I must search for other news sources that are more visually appealing, user friendly, and content rich. USAToday...my newspaper since 1996...so long, farewell because deep down I know my comment will have absolutely no effect. If it did, USAToday would at least make a "classic view" option. My god...terminate the employment of someone over this...wait , no, make them fix it or leave.

USAToday sucks more than it has ever sucked before.

Errata: 12 year OLD

So apparently, not only have they ugly-d up their online news site, they've discontinued all their puzzles (except crossword which they've wrecked as well). This has been my morning ritual for quite a few years now and I'm completely baffled. What has happened over there?

Suggestions for a new home page? Loved the old USA Today, hate the new one.

NY Times and Washington Post are okay, but a bit too staid for me.

If the USA Today goal was to no longer look like a newspaper, they have succeeded bigtime.

What an absolute mess.

Okay, my vote for best home page to replace USA Today is http://cnn.com .

Not a perfect choice, but so far the best I've found.

New Logo...what logo!
I travel the world, and have gone out of my way to find a copy of USA Today. I could always spot the (old great) logo, this new logo is lost on a news stand. The type is too small and lighter making for hard reading in reduced lighting.

I'm trying out cnn.com. It has a nice list of topics on the left and also in the boxes below. The new usatoday home page really is awful. I do NOT want a magazine style for my daily news.

Can no longer print crosswords. I hate this whole new format. I will be getting my news and puzzles elsewhere from now on.

As a ps. I can't understand why USA Today is not being overwhelmed with complaints or why they have not publically responded. I am guessing whatever they are doing is making them more money and that's all they care about.

Been a fellow USA Today online reader for 15 years. This format change is really bad. This looks like it is made for Windows 8's portable version. Site used to be easy to navigate and loaded fast. Now, you can't find the articles and takes a long time to load. Print issue does not look any better. Goodbye USA TOday.

I've got a fast computer and a strong wireless connection and it still takes at LEAST 35 seconds to flip from one section to another of the on line edition. Some sections never come up. What gives USA Today?

Newsletter with less headlines and more work to scan through, what improvement is that? None. Tried it, dumped it. On line newspaper just as bad. I need news to jump to, not wade through.

New online format is awful, too. Very hard to visually navigate.

I can't see clearly the print on the new USAtoday!!! Usatoday says its not a smaller print but instead a new lighter font. I don't care why.... I only know that now I can't see it clearly enough to read it without getting very frustrated. I never felt that way before.

The only paper I bought was USA TODAY. I have now stopped buying it or reading it! The cheap paper they use now, the small print, the unflattering logo, all the changes have now made USA TODAY JUST ANOTHER RAG LOOKING PAPER. I'm sure the powers to be are happy as hell and rolling in profits and bonuses for their "inovative ideas" and changes.
No more newspapers for me. I'll get my news online!

Totally agree! Have loved USA Today for years because of their old look. This simply is terrible and unreadable. You need a magnifying glass the size of a yacht to read it

I guess the fools at USA Today have never heard of test marketing. I have been reading the paper for over 20 years and really enjoyed it. The new layout and print are unreadable. What a messy layout with dull print. I canceled my home delivery today. The person responsible for this mess should be fired for destroying a grat paper.

I've given up and have gone back to the CNN site as bad as its content is.

Website is unreadable there is nowhere to read the headlines for each section as before. Terrible!!

When you try to read an article on USAtoday.com, a blank popup appears, you x it out and you're taken to main page. Impossible to read! Too colorful and full of mumbo jumbo. I used to read USA today, but after they sold out to this new marketing bonanza, I stopped reading. The NY Times has gotten with the times without turning into a weird, colorful nightmare

USA Today old design is better. Please put back the old design.

I hate the new design, you can't find anything and it's not intuitive.

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