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November 17, 2012


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rip hostess! but feel free to know you are only the first of many companies that will go belly up under 4 more years of obama!

John, you are so right. Under the banner of sending a message to corporations, one union company after another will choose to go out of business. All these union drones would rather send a message than work with a business in these tough economic times.

Wait until the states start laying off union workers left and right because there is no revenue coming in. States will have to unload the unions or government will not be able to function. You can't kill Main street and have revenue flowing into government coffers.

The only thing that will miss Twinkies is diabetes.

When I worked for Montgomery Ward back in the 60's I belonged to a union but I believe the unions of today have gone way to far. Personally I would rather have a job in these times then go on strike. Talk is that the Twinkies might be going to Mexico to be made by another company. China is bad enough with a lot of products coming out of there that you can't even rely on to be safe. Now we are dealing with Mexico. When is it going to stop and bring those jobs back to the US? Made in America is what I want to see.

Keep talking out of your asses with no facts, folks.

I wonder when the media (for most of you, FOX) will start reporting that while Hostess was trying to cut the bakers salary by 8% and benefits by 32%, the CEO gave himself a 300% raise(75K to 2.5mil). 9 executives recieved 60% -100% raises, while filing their 2nd bankruptcy. Meantime, they stop paying into the employees (making less than $20hr) pension owing them over 160mil.

Get your facts straight sheeple, and turn off your brain rot of a "news" source.

Hey! If the Baker's Union wants to put 12-thousand plus people out of work. So be it.

No problem. The Obozo Administration will take care of them. They have months and months of unemployment payouts, big food stamp giveaways and other handouts available.

What's more, they can raise taxes on the "rich" people. Hell, take 100 percent of their income. Sure it would only run the government for a few weeks but at least Obozo will have won the class war.

Unions had thier time, now they don't do much but artificallay inflate prices of goods made in the US, so the folks that belong can make more than they are worth, so they can pay thier union dues, so the unions can spend it on contolling the outcome of elections.

Before you far lefties dismiss this for being too far right, ask your self this- why do unions spend soo much on influncing the elections if they don't expect to get something back?

Case in point, check out Obamacare, do union employees have to pay taxes on thier healthcare benefits like people who work for large coproprations? Are they exempt? Now why would that be?

Unions actually do have to pay out a %11 percent higher rate for benefits. That's what I do for work, I'm an adjuster.

See again: Facts

I also find it funny that in your blind tirade that you addressed none of the points above, Joel. You know the filing for bankruptcy twice (after giving himself a %300 raise) the executives pilfering money out of a "bankrupt" company, meanwhile shorting most of their employees on benefits and pensions to the tune of $160+ million. Not to mention the board member who is being investigated on extortion.
I guess in your world greed and theft is all right as long as you are a republican and own a business? Seems legit.

Again, you should read up on some actual facts instead of lazily placing blame on easy targets because you can't check basic math.

Where does it say, Theo, that I have to address your BS. For the record, I posted not to contradict your stupid point but to express my own opinion.

You've obviously been reading Daily KOS, Think Progress and other liberal crap online but you find it necessary to denounce Fox News. Interesting, you can devote your time to the socialist media but anyone who pays attention to the right wing media is somehow deficient. Typical liberal high horse attitude.

For the record, I don't watch Fox News or read the libtard blogs. I Googled your asinine claim to learn it is of dubious veracity.

It's interesting that your claim of the Hostess CEO "giving" himself a 300 percent raise doesn't appear anywhere in the MSM. It's only reported in the extreme libtard media. But it makes good copy for clowns like you who'll lap it up like dogs lapping up water.

If you knew anything about how business works, you'd know that a CEO can't just give himself a raise. That's what corporate boards are all about.

So, maybe it is you who needs to acquire some facts.

Seriously, Joel? It was announced with the bankruptcy announcement. Same exact day, same exact announcement.
Right before Fiat was announced as buying Hostess. Did you know that too? I doubt it.
To be clear, it was on every news source AND is public record. You really are an idiot, aren't you? So blinded by ignorant rage and party lines that you believe your bullshit as truth.
Maybe your too busy writing your ever so hilarious "Obozo" jokes?

You are a small minded ass. Is the New York Times or Wall Street Journal credible enough for your little world, Joel? Because they also reported it. Creditors Questioned Pay Raises at Hostess. Creditors of Hostess Brands are questioning large executive pay raises made prior to the baking company's bankruptcy filing...for the second time.

I do filings for companies for a living, if you want to argue basic math and benign economic policies I would be glad to. Your feeble little block of a nugget on your neck is obviously too blinded by complications due to party restrictions though, so I doubt you will ever get it.

Here's a link for you from WSJ, detective dipshit. Search for yourself and do your own homework.


oh come on you two, we got rid of chuckie! now lets all just get along! we dont need any more posts like chuckie did!

arnt we all just americans?

No, Joel is from the 1860's era, just like his political outlook and opinion.
You're right Joel it was your opinion NOT fact. Now deal with facts jackass, that's how most of the world works.

Yeah, I'm just a jackass right winger. But at least I'm not an arrogant libtard.

You know, it must be pure Hell to always be right like you a-holes.

Joel, don't you just hate when facts get in the way of your rants?

JoelBozointheburbs: Hope you enjoy those twinkies made in Guadalajara!

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