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November 07, 2012


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Happy birthday, Johnny Rivers! Thank you for your music!!

FOR SOME REASON I FEEL THE NEED TO TYPE IN ALL CAPS AND RANT ABOUT HOW FAR JOHNNY RIVERS HAS LET HIMSELF GO. But I can't. The years have been kind to him. He must not eat cheese.

Johnny, of course, imtroduced us all to "Secret Agent Man," which was later covered as an intstrumental By The Ventures, who still play the song onstage regularly to this day. Johnny was labelmate to The Ventures at Liberty Records for much of the 1960's and still sits in with them occasionally in L.A. Still an amazing guy. Remember, his first album was recorded live and it became a huge hit because "Secret Agent" was on it! No one's been able to duplicate that feat since!

Best, M. ;-]

My fav was 'Poor side of town' & what a great singer he was. I actually talked to him when I was a CSR for the company I still work for when he called in one day to our 800 line..about issues with his electric bill....at 1st I thought it was someone calling for him, but when I asked who the customer of record was, he aid very calmly and quietly that it was "me" ( meaning him..) and I said "you're Johnny Rivers? the singer,,,?" and he said "yeah, man.." I was flabbergasted but kept my cool, very cool and got him the answers he needed,,,,my brush w/fame.

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