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November 20, 2012


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Say it ain't so. Sad day for us.

really? ill believe this when i see it! but if its true i applaude mr. stump for it! what about all his other fake names he used?

About time. This person was a cancer infecting the quality of the blog. Happy to hear. Enoigh is enough of the negativity. I voted for Romney, I'm over it. Chuckie needs to take a giant size chill pill.

First time for me. I found Chuckie amusing but it was like being on the road watching the same act night after night. It was getting old.

while its too bad he could no longer contribute in a manor befitting a grownup man, i hope he will be gone for good, but time will tell, about 12 hours or less until we see for sure, i wonder which names he will use next?

Bye bye Chuckie, you P.O.S.

I know who Rabinowitz really is. His real name is Don Redman and last known, he was living in Oregon City. He told me that he was addicted to a blog. I googled it this one came up. He was let go from a sand and gravel company for saying things in a sexual manor to the ladies in the office. So there you have it, for what its worth.

What if he apologizes? Could you let him come back then?

Why would we want him back in? So he can insult and degrade those he doesn't feel are redeeming enough for his perception of things?

Well done, Stump.

Well done, Dave.

You've restored the class & dignity that was an integral part of your website and prevented it from becoming a vehicle for incivility, something all too common now in society.

Perhaps the people who visit & contribute can learn to communicate in a civil manner without insulting others and leave that behavior for talk radio and reality TV.

Are you people serious? Chuckie brought some life and entertainment to this site. I didn't agree with a lot of his schtick, but he was always entertaining. Everbody take a valium and realx. I vote to let him back on.

Life and entertainment = elementary insults, bigotry, sexism, humiliation and ridicule?
Interesting view on life.

Mistake Dave.

There were only a handful of protesters. I think most people kind of enjoyed Chuckie's outbursts.

True, I was getting tired of Chuckie's recent boasting (and I took it cum grano salis) and he did get pretty crude. But we're all big kids and can take it.

Chuckie is not a guy named Redman. I'm Chuckies better half and our name is not Redman. We actually live just like my Chuckie describes. He is a very lively person with an odd sense of humor.I warned Chuckie not to go over the line but he was having so much fun with it.

Injustice has been served. Like a semi-binding light, Rabi's Truth-serum-like voice has been blocked fom this darkened world. Who shall now lift up the torch of sacredness & guide us all towards our goal? Who's NEXT in this criminal act of cowardice? Prolly me. Maybe you.

food for thought, you must ban the ip address to completely solve the problem! otherwise you get....

Thats too bad that a whiner like john gets to stay and chuckie is dispatched.... The pussification of america continues.

I'm happy to be listed among the handful of protesters.
Sorry, but CR is/was not my idea of entertainment! Thanks, Dave! Now...let's see how long it actually lasts!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I agree with Irving. John should pack his bags and go, not the Chucker.

if you dont ban chuckies ip address you and us
will never be rid of him, or carl or mrs chuckie or irving or... or... and the list goes on! mr. stump please finish what you start to save this message board!

John, you are so paranoid it is entertaining....

He's already back, aren't you Irving? "PUSSIFICATION" IS CLASSIC CHUCKIE!!! IRVING J FELDSPARR III MY A**.

Life is kinda boring now without Chuckie. I hate him and miss him at the same time.

after dealing with chuckies posts for quite a while, one spots his work very easily!

CHUCKIE and Mrs. Chuckie will probably be having Thanksgiving dinner at the Heathman, compleat with a $300 bottle of wine i'm sure! After dinner the "CHUCKIES" can surely be spotted at the MAC club working off those Thanksgiving dinner lbs and as CHUCKIE attacks the thighmaster he surely will be planning his next visit here at "STUMPTOWN"! Anxiously awaiting your return CHUCKIE! Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Joe, too bad Chuckie is neither a member of the MAC club or well off. You ate that garbage up? Wow. A lot of gullible dipshits on here.

Sorry Allan! You must not be familure with my posts. I would like to think that I have a pretty good sense of humor and I was just kidding around! Also, i'm not gulible nor am I a dipshit.

what i find amusing? idiot chuckie was banned almost a week ago, and you are still talking about him! lets all move on and bring this board back to normal!

Then why are you still looking at this posting John. Seems like you might be a stalker. Maybe you have nothing better to do in your life than stalk Chuckie. Oh yeah, and accuse everyone else of being Chuckie.

no carl not everyone! there are still a few non chuckie posters! lol! and i come here when i see an updated recent post! as if i need to tell you why i come here? there are you happy now? move along, nothing to see here!

Go easy John. Not too many people were on your side in this issue. You do seem to have an anger problem, and you need to calm down a bit.

go easy? not too many on my side eh? maybe because they were all one person/// YA THINK? i am proud to say the only person i have ever upset on this site, would be chuckie himself, because i called him out on the crap he posted here! if you missed all that you must be new here, and thats ok, welcome!

Easy boy. I read some of the postings, and I have to agree with the majority of the people here.
You are an angry man with some deep deep issues. Dont let everyone bother you so much. Go get some counseling and get on with what could be a good and productive life. Your anger only hurts you, not the ones you hate. Try counseling John, it may help you with all of this.

Wouldn't be a hoot if Chuckie and John are gay and lounging around their condo in the Pearl writing this stuff on their MINI I-pads?

carl, i mean chuckie.... it took months to ban chuckie, though if mr. stump would just ban is ip adress you and all his other names would be gone from this board!

Whatever "Angry John". Get help and move on with your little angry stalker life.

ok chuckie! what ever you say! until your ip address gets banned from this site as well! you fool nobody!

Paranoid much john ??? Why don't you ask management if the ip addresses are the same? Are ya man enough little lady???

no need to be paranoid, i can spot a chuckie post a mile away no matter whos name he posts under!

I cant believe I am saying this, but after reading these post wars the last two weeks a real CHUCKIE post would be a breath of fresh air.

oh just look at a few of the posts right here on this thread, just cover up the fake name and there you have it! just look for a few of his keywords, you know like angry john, toilet bowl john,and of course those who try and stick up for him, under new never before user names! but choosing not to use all caps! LOL! that sort of thing! he cant change what he is!

Angry John, everyone is calling you that, or Toilet Bowl John. And I need to re-ask the question previously posed: Why did your parents name you after something people urinate, poop and spit in? Did they know you were going to be a real loser because they also were complete losers? Apple didn't fall far from the tree did it? Your parents must have been so proud of how you turned out. Losers beget losers.

mr. stump please figure a way to ban chuckies ip address! banning him was a start but now he has circumvented you and still posting garbage on your great website!

Oh John, why is it so important to prove your point.

After delving into this site, John is a comcast customer. More at 11

suzanne its not my point, chuckie was banned for obvious reasons, and when he comes back under another name it leaves the banning job incomplete dont you think?

Why Do You People Pick On John? He Stood Up To Chuckie when Others Just Talked. In My Opinion John Is a Hero Of This Board! Because Of People Like John, This Message Board Can Be Used As Mr Stump Intended. Thankx John!

John, you missed the caps key on "when", "is" and "a"!

hey thanks pinky for those kind words! i did what was best for the board! eagle eye, what?

Why is "john" so threatened by Chuckie ?

irving though you are probably chuckie and already know, chuckie never threatend me, he knew better! only the common sense on this board did he threaten!

correct pinky! its funny even a newbie like you can see the pattern of chuckie. and i might say he had bad words for me, but i never percived them as threatning to me, i was just looking at the source, which soon i hope will be old history on this otherwise great info board! and with that said, i will try to avoid this thread anymore, as chuckie in his real name wont be posting here again, though if tasked i will reply as needed!

Wow, Pinky sounds like a bad ass tough guy. How many loud mouth beer belly oafs like Pinky have challenged Chuckie? None of them ever seem to have the stones to meet him and get it on. If you are that tough Pinky, why not leave your number on this blog and let Chuckie call you. But then that would mean you are going to get you butt kicked and its a lot easier to act tough on your computer than in real life. Do it you coward big mouth loser.

Actually, "StephenWA", there have been a few people that have challenged Chunkie (myself included) and you...errrr...he never showed or made lame excuses as to why.

Because he is a lying coward, that's why.
All talk, no walk.
Maybe you should fact check before flapping your gums.

stephen... chuckies momma wont ever let him out of the basement! so he cant ever meet anyone who challenged him! its a moot point now! so long chuckie!

So much for trying to avoid the thread, eh john?

like i said joe, i will try, unless im tasked! then i will defend myself and the good people of this board! even you if you are attacked!


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