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November 11, 2012


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It really isn't that good though, to be quite honest. Greasy, bland burgers and nostalgia doesn't keep a place in business when their product is sub par, and it is.

Hmmm.....was just there yesterday myself, and I couldn't agree more with Mr. Stump!! The place is fun and the food was very tasty and good! The staff like he said treated the customers like they really cared...not like so many other restaurants who tend to think only of themselves and not the valued customer. I will be back ....many times--me and my family!

Do I read that menu correctly?

$ 9 for a Cheeseburger?

The four of us were out there yesterday, 3 of us former cooks at Yaw's one at Hamburger Pattie's. Steve told us we could go back and take over the grills but we didn't need too because everything was nails on perfect! And we tested some Banana Cream pie and man it was to die for!!!

Ate at Yaw's over the weekend. Food and service were GREAT!!!

Not too vegetarian friendly I see..... Oh well.

Tried Yaw's last week. It was really terrific. The restaurant was very busy and service was excellent.
Will be back. We grew up with the Hollywood Yaw's and it was a mirror of what we remember. Burgers are the best. I hear they will have car service when the weather gets better. Terrific.

I took my two daughters, eight and ten, to Yaws yesterday. They loved the burgers and the service was great.

I'll have to agree with the first post. Lots of nostalgia here but when I got my $7.95 "Original Cheeseburger", it wasn't really anything special. For that price, I expect "special"; at least 'really good'. It was only "good"; flavor was ok but honestly Carl's Jr. has a "$6 burger" for $3.95 that gives this one a pretty good run for the money. Sorry, Yaws... we tried to support you. Maybe we'll try one more time. If you can bring the prices down a notch, that would really help.

have never been there, but in my opinion its gonna be hard to beat killer burger, fat daves, red robin or the steakburger!

I like Killer Burger, and 5-Guys, and Glisan St. Burger Barn, and Stanich's, Dick's in Seattle, The Chuckwagon in Mt Vernon,The Net Drive in Mt V. also, all dependent on the mood, and where you are but that combo of Yaw's pickles, relish, tomato's and onion, just does it for me. If it didn't do anything for you, find your spot and enjoy, you will be missed! P.S. stop by for some of that awesome pie :)

ok just got back from the first visit to yaws, considering i never ate there before it was good, though a bit expensive but what isnt these days? i will support the local mom and pop places before micky d's or burger king! i wish them well (yaws that is)

Ate at Yaw's for the 2nd time. The first visit I had a cheeseburger. It was mediocre (nothing special). The fries were VERY Greasy. Tried it again today and figured we would try something different. I had a grilled chicken and my partner had a BLT. Both of us were very dissatisfied. The greasiest lunch I ever had, even after dabbing off the sandwich with my napkin (it could not possibly absorb that much grease). This was the first time I remember where I did not finish the lunch. Fries and sandwich ere way too greasy. I am not from here so it has not nostalgic effect on me. If you want good food go elsewhere. Across the street at Gateway Breakfast for the best Burger you can ever get.

Like the first poster said, you can't run a business with just nostalgia and bland, GMO laden food and expect it to be around long.
Sorry, but it's a fact.
I thought it was sub par at best and will not be back. Plenty of delicious burgers and the like in Portland to avoid this place.

The KING of Portland BURGERS is STANICH's

YAWs was a special place to go on a Friday or Saturday night because you could "cruise" around its location. the tootsie roll cop was not only there to hand out tootsie rolls, he was in charge of traffic control and directing cars to vacant spots in the drivein area. most of their clientel were high school and college kids with cars. I took my wife to YAWS on Friday night, split a 9.00 burger,had the clam chowder and a green river. the restaurant was packed with 30,40 & 50+ somethings re-enacting their younger years. Nothing wrong about that, but I only went to YAWs once in my life when I was dating a girl from Grant High, so I was mainly there to sample their cuisine. on a scale of one to ten, I would rate their service as a 9.5, the hamburger a 6.5, the fries a 4.0 and the Green River a 10. Really would have liked to be able to cruise around the place a few times, and they need to have a Tootsie ROLL Cop greeting people.

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