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December 12, 2012


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Heart has been very heavy all day over this...what a tragedy...Prayers going up for comfort for his family and the other deceased individual's family...the grieving must be horrific...such a waste...I pray that some good will come out of such evil actions!!

I continue in prayer over this senseless tragedy!

Oh for god sakes... "scanners" at the doorways ??? Laughable !!!

In Europe you can't enter any mall without passing through a scanner. If this country gets a run of these assholes murdering innocent people, you will see this fast or they CAN rip those joints down

irving.... shouldnt you be posting in all caps? oops! way to bring down people even more after this tragedy!

If you have ever been to New York City, you know buildings have security checkpoints. They did before 911. And now they are everywhere. Maybe that is why New York still controls it's city, and Portland's downtown in run by the inmates.

Nice to see that "john" is still paranoid.... LMFAO !!!!

paranoid? only of wack jobs with assult rifles!

Here we go again: John & Irving(CHUCKIE) Irving & John bringing a heartfelt & reverent post by Dave & Others down to their trashy level. Just once guys let it be.

Yeah Easy There Big John, Dont Ruin The Good Nature Of This Thread.

pinky you are right, i apologize, i meant no disrespect to dave or steve, i am sorry i will leave it at that!

John is a queer. He likes to stake out the men's locker and restrooms at the MAC.

You posters on this site scoff at Huffington post as being a libspeak pawn site, but at least they screen abusive posts and delete them. Other posters can flag a post as abusive as well. Please Dave,with all due respect, the above post by LJB ESQ is abusive and you should delete it. It is not IMHO free speech.

In addition, Laurence James Bottenstein, ESQ is another fictitious name that CHUCKIE has come up with. He is still among us, like a fungus.

The Urban Gent is "John".....

This is why we can't have nice things.

Next we will have to have the tit and butt grabbing TSA! We need nut houses brought back. Most of these prople are known cases. You have a nut case today and public says (Poor Soul!)I guess we will end up with scanners! I am a pro gun person. I have never wanted to go into a school or a mall and open fire.

the malls need to provide safer security for its customers. Armed, plain clothes trained in all aspects of firearm use. The State of Oregon issues DPSST certification for armed officer positions. Unarmed uniformed guards are targets, and are trained to basically direct traffic and observe Plain clothed officers would have an element of surprise and would not be intimidated upon seeing or hearing a shooter. They would be well worth the higher cost, and would help sooth the plaintive cries from the public: "If only there would have been someone with a gun on site"

Urban Gent...

Benjamin Franklin said "hose who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one." Think about it.

This could have been a nice stream of posts for the family of Mr. Forsyth to download and save. Why dont you fools stop it for just a few days, and think how lucky you are that your family wasn't destroyed by the horrible actions of this cancerous freak. Please stop the fighting and bickering for a brief moment and think about this. Steve was a tremendous guy, and those of us who knew him were very lucky.

Mr. Stumptown Blogger, (whoever you are) If your blog is going to be full of political and social opinions you'll need to come out of the shadows and put a name to your comments.

Gary E. Dries
Gresham, Oregon

10,000 people shopping at the mall at that time as I understand,
and the mall owners cannot afford to hire a well trained and
effective security staff to protect not only the goods, but
the shoppers and storekeepers who ultimately finance their jobs??

Security guards at these mega-malls need to be much,
much more that door shakers, parking lot patrolmen,
and baby-sitters of teenagers whose parents have no
idea where they are or what they are doing.

Tastefuly said and to the point MKJ. I hope it has an effect.

Danny and all, I just want to point out that there is an active Clackamas County Sheriff office in the mall.
I repeat:

You can't police people to safety, you cannot wrap the world in bubble wrap with the intent of keeping danger out. It relies solely on educating and responsibility.

This man's death and Cindy A. Yuille's death, along with the many others that have been taken early over the years, all have one thing in common. They were taken by people that had mental illnesses that were misdiagnosed and/or ignored.
It's a crushing lesson in lazy education of mind. However, instead of addressing that, people will continue to try to put a bandaid on it in the form of more restrictions, policing, and the like and it will happen again.
It's a gross cycle of blame, and mistreatment, and diagnosis on a grand scale.
It's an awful tragedy on many, many levels.

Here are two heroes....there are still some good folks out there who are Good Samaritans: http://www.katu.com/home/video/Heroes-stay-with-mall-shooting-victim-to-the-end-she-did-not-die-alone-183370931.html?tab=video&c=y

Gay E. Dries...You are apparently pretty new here. Most of us know who puts this blog online for our enjoyment. He has made it clear who he was in his days on the radio and who he is in his post-radio life. Hang around awhile and you'll figure it out.

As per today's tragedy, and my post above:
Sadly, I rest my case.

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