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December 04, 2012


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Thank you so much for posting this Dave! My daughter and I have been animal rights activists since we realized how circus animals and those at Seaworld and most zoos are treated. We have yet to take our grandson to the circus (in fact, we protested it here in Vegas and he was the littlest protester at age 4). We also boycott the zoo and Seaworld and any Vegas attractions that include wild animals.

Dave, you are right. This is sad and sickening. Thank you for posting this and for caring so much about these poor creatures who suffer so much in circuses, zoos and animal attractions. It is tragic that we are killing them left and right in the wild, pushing them ever closer to extinction and treating them so cruelly in places that claim to "conserve" and protect them.

I thank you as well. And I have a lot of respect for comments poster Carol for being an animal rights activist. Whenever someone wants me to go to the zoo, I say sarcastically, "Creatures in cages. What fun!"

Allyson, I always say that before you are aware of the inhumane practices, you get a free pass. But as soon as you realize the cruelty, the world holds you responsible. We are now on a journey to becoming vegans. So far we're flexitarians, who eat little meat, and the meat and dairy products we do consume are certified humane. Soon vegetarian and we have a timeline to becoming vegan. I encourage you to go to Peta.org and watch a few videos and meet your meat. and the chickens your eggs come from. It's a very mean and cruel world out there.

Excuse me but we humans rule over the animals for a very good reason...we are smarter than them. Humanizing animals is so funny.

Personally, I don't go to the zoo or to circuses because I think they're pretty damn boring. But if other people want to go to them, that's fine by me.

As for meat. I love meat, especially a nice BBQed rib-eye. I have no interest in wasting my time at the PETA -- People Eating Tasty Animals -- website.

I know all you LIEberal clowns would be unhappy if I didn't weigh in on this foolishness.

JITB's: We dont give a S**t what you like to eat. why are you always sticking your snotty nose into a subject that is pretty serious to a lot of people. Animals are a lot smarter than your pea brain could ever piece together and they are smarter than you for sure, smirk face. why dont you stick with subjects that you and CHUCKIE can yap about to each other. There are a lot of people on this site that have higher values and morals than you would ever think about.

No more Zoo visits for me

Joel gives a crap about two things, himself and his opinions.
Pay no attention to the selfish idiot smirking behind the screen.

I wonder how big, smart and tough Joel would feel being put into a cage with a "big ol' dumb gorilla?"
Pretty sure his sense of superiority would get wiped off the face of the planet.

P.S. This has now been retracted and the animal will not be going to a traveling show.

The arrogance is truly amazing. Same as Obozo though, so I shouldn't be surprised. Arrogance is a trait of being a LIEberal.

Don't agree with Urban Gent or this mysterious J character and you get routed. Arrogance. What jokes.

I don't go along with the LIEberal PETA line. Shame on me. I should be relegated to eating nothing but broccoli.

No Joel, you should be relegated to eating a knuckle sandwich. It's funny to me that everyone who doesn't agree with your pseudo function of an opinion is relegated to being a LIEberal or some other form of 3rd grade insult.

You want to speak of arrogance? Go back and read your last two comments, pick up a Miriam Webster, look up arrogance and compare the two. The answer should be clear...even for someone with a low intellect such as yourself.

Really J, there's no need to prove my point again.

If you aren't a LIEberal, then I apologize profusely for calling you such a nasty name. But, then again, maybe you should quit acting like one if you aren't one.

I'm as sick as JoelintheBurbs as I was of Chuckie. I wish Dave would sh*t can his A$$ out of here too. You are revolting, Joel, and karma is a bitch. Would certainly not want to be in your shoes when it's served. Go ahead, eat that BBQ'd tortured cow. Support the zoo and circus and laugh at the animals. Go to Seaworld too, I hope you feed the dolphins too whilst there, like that little girl who got bitten. You are a mean spirited little man, with the emphasis on "little".

You want a definition of arrogance ladies and gentlemen, because there you have it right there in Carol's post. Not only should I eat only what she thinks is proper and recreate only in ways of which she approves. But I should also be silenced because I don't say what she wants to hear.

Carol not only should you eat only herbs and stay away from circuses, zoos and massive aquariums, you'd best be sure you aren't wearing any clothing made from tortured animals, that you don't go to any movie where there may be a tortured animal in the background or eat in any but absolute vegan, meat hating restaurants.

By the by Carol, I mentioned I don't go to zoos...haven't been to the zoo in probably 30 years. And I haven't been to a circus since I was a little kid, I've never been to Sea World or anything like it. And really, making light of the poor little girl who got bitten by the dolphin. That's truly sad.

But your PETA mindset is so sure of itself that you think it is your duty to trash talk anyone who should disagree with you, even in the slightest. That, my friends, is the definition of arrogance.

Peta, Stands For >>> People Eating Tasty Animals! Its Written "And Man Shall Have Dominance Over All Creatures On Earth"!

FU Joel. The thinking and compassionate people on this forum know exactly what I meant. And you are twisting my words so make ME look like YOU, who is an ASSHOLE. I said eat what you want. Do what you want. I wasn't making light of the child being bitten and you know that. However, I AM calling you out for the name calling, belittling person you are. Oh, and BTW, Obama is president. HA. HA. And also, btw, I don't wear leather either. As for "trash talking"???? WTF!! You are the #1 Trash Talker of this forum. Go to hell

Congratulations, you don't use leather products. Do you wear wool clothes made by denuding sheep kept tortuously on farms. And since you didn't say otherwise, you apparently go to movies featuring tortured animals and eat in restaurants where they serve meat made by torturing animals. What a hypocrite.

And Carol, If I May, Sweetie You Are Running A Close Second! :-)

As are you, Pinky.

Oh Joel, you just keep trying. Give it up. No, and no. And no again. I research everything.

Now, lastly I just have this to say. Joel, why do you feel you need to butt in and berate people who just make comments? The first comments on this story were just about what Dave said etc. Then you pipe in with your name calling and bullying pissant attitude. What's with you anyway? I read your posts. Some of them are quite decent. But for the most part, your hatred of liberal Democrats colors your comments.

And Pinky? "And Man Shall Have Dominance Over All Creatures On Earth"! I'm pretty sure the writer of this didn't have in mind that dominance meant the right to torture and abuse.

One last comment to the Bible thumpers throwing the dominance quote at me: Proverbs 12:10 explicitly states God’s viewpoint: “The righteous one is caring for the soul of his domestic animal, but the mercies of the wicked ones are cruel.”

Uh Carol, just who was who was first to inject some controversy into the thread by raising the issue of PETA? I suppose you think you should just be allowed to sing the PETA line without challenge?

And I do hate...and I mean hate...the liberal Debtocrats. Well, not so much that I hate the Debtocrats. What I hate is what they are trying to do to our country. This is supposed to be a free country but you'd never know it with everything Nancy Pelousy and Harry Greed are trying to do to it.

Heck, Pelousy even likes to pass major freedom stealing bills before she's even read them.

Please Carol I Have Never Told Anyone Here F.U. As You Just did, Dont Drag Me down With You!

Ok Ok. I apologize for saying FU when I should have just thought it.

hey carol thats a start girl! think before you post! it makes the world a better place!

JITBs and CHUCKIE are one and the same. SAME twisted THINKING & LOGIC, SAME NAME CALLING, SAME penchant for butting in and belittling serious entries on this site, SAME OVERBLOWN EGOs who have a HATRED for people in general and both unmitigated Aholes

And PINKY HE/SHE is running a close second to joel & Chuckie

Yawn..... It is entertaining to read what the idiots like john, urban gent, joelintheburbs and carol foam at the mouth about.

Urban Gent with more of the arrogance. Yep, no one on this blog should be allowed to post anything he doesn't approve. Talk about an a--hole. Oh look, in my Funk & Wagnalls, right next to a--hole there's a picture of Urban Gent.

AholeJoelintheburps: Your FUNK lost Its WAGNALLS years ago.

Urban Gent, Please Show Me Where I Have Posted Anything Even Close To Chuckie On this Board? Thats Just It, YOU CANT!

To PINKY (SIR or Madam)Ok, maybe I went a little too far by comparing you to CHUCKIE, but you seem to have aligned yourself with JITB'S (Note the BS)skewed way of seeing the animal world as CREATURES to be subjugated. post something that gives me a CLUE about your ability to Commiserate with other living creatures (MANKIND included) and it MIGHT change my point of view.

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