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December 05, 2012


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i tried one of their 72 ounce steaks once! i took home a 30 ounce doggie bag! it was a good steak though!

An east Portland tradition maybe. It was great for the few years they were in Beaverton but apparently the land they were on was more valuable as a strip mall.

Meaning you ate 42 oz. of it?? Oh, my goodness.

yes i really tried, but i just couldnt eat another bite,they weigh the doggie bag and let you know how close you were to finishing it. and im a tight wad, so that meant i knew i had to pay for it if i didnt eat all of it! ps i never had steak for a very long time after that!

There was another restaurant called Sabin's "kitchen" something, for the life of me I can't remember the name. I worked there part time as a busboy when I was a teenager in the 1960's. The guy that owned it was a real cheapskate. He had us even use our fingers to scoop up the remaining butter left on the customers plates and put it in a big bowl. They used that butter for cooking. They are out of business now. Anybody out there know the name.

john.... ya gotta stop with the lies.

i can assure you irving/chuckie, every single word i post on this board is the absolute truth! why do you think i never ate at saylors? go back to moms basement!

Loved having birthday dinners at The County Kitchen...They would bring ice cream to your table with a candle..you bow it out and it would re-light...the trick candle for birthdays...don't know if they still do this..but was fun in the '60's..

Do you suppose these folks dressed up to have their photo taken? Good grief. There was never a time in all of recorded history where fashion was uglier. And the hairstyles.

Pom Mom---they will be saying that about our fashions today.

bob there are no fashions today! oh wait, theres boys and men wearing their hats on side ways and their pants down around their knees, and women sweat pants and wearing skirts and dresses without nylons!

ta da...John...today's fashion.

no bob! its not!

I disagree with you both. A subset of mostly young people wear the gangsta garbage. Without exception everyone in that photo - irrespective of age or gender looks like a retarded dork. Look at that woman (I think) third from the left -- pink double knit high wasted pants -almost reach her boobs - with a fur trimmed vest?!? And that hair. Good grief.

i will accept pants up high before i accept pants down around the knees! i dont want to see your underwear!

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