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December 22, 2012


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More like hope the door hits him in the face on the way out and breaks his nose. I can't think of anyone I wish more ill will...except Obozo and Ol' Joe Biteme. But Scam Adams is exactly who the voters of Portland elected.

Of course Scam should have learned that what the voters want isn't bike lanes and trams and even more trains. Oh sure, they'll take that kind of stuff but what they really want is for someone else to pay for their lifestyles.

If Scam had listened to the "Occupiers" he would have learned that what he needed to give away to the liberals of Portland is a free and easy life. loaded with lots of free goodies...free food, free healthcare, free education...basically, free money. You know, let the government and the "1%" pay for everything.

and dont forget he had a big part along with idiot merrit paulson in throwing out 107 years of baseball in portland! for foreign soccer! what a freak! but he was elected by the people of portland!

let's see we have a city hall concentrating on "innovative" ways to increase taxes, ban plastic bags, and other foolishness.

and it appears voters just sent another pack in.

only the faces change...so don't expect change.

meanwhile, in our greatest economic challenge since the depression, it's great to see what modern leadership is truly about...from city hall to the white house.

maybe they truly believed we'd have a Mayan moment and so the real stuff, like creating family wage - non government jobs, didn't matter.

What we need now is another Frank Ivancie!

I'd rather have another Bud Clark...

Sam Adams was a cartoon character and behaved like one. I think the planned $600.000 musical bike path that would have chimed out the melody of the song "Feeling Groovy" as bike tires rolled over specially grooved pavement epitomizes the "cartoon" aspect of his personality. There seemed to be no adults in city hall. The nature of politics today doesn't seem to attract serious and smart adults just grown-up children with ambition. Joe-in the burbs does bring up the most perplexing point- that is the "why" Portlanders chose to elect such an immature person for an important political position. His departure leaves me "Feeling Groovy!"

Joel, getting money out of politics should be a concern for everyone. No one wanted "free everything" by a long shot. People wanted money out of politics and for lobbyists to not have control over everything in this country like they do.
While I don't agree with anything this liar has to say, I also don't think some idiot, who doesn't even live here and can never get facts straight, should be taken seriously. IF you think it's a good idea for decisions in this country to be made by those that have wealth in their best interest, and not the people of this country, congrats. That makes you not just a kool-aid swilling conservative, but a selfish douchebag as well.

But, we already knew all that.

P.S. I'll save you the trouble of going to your stand-by insults of calling me a "libtard" or "commie" or "occupooper" or one of your other go-to elementary insults. I am none of the above. I just understand that people are tired of the status quo of the left and right being more about themselves rather than the people they are SUPPOSED to work for...Americans.
Someday you'll get that "your" side and the lib-dens are both idiots. Just different flavors is all.

Spot on, J.

Eloquently "spoken", Sir.

It may interest you J to know that I agree with you that there's too much money in politics. But you seem to equate politics with government and they are two, vastly different things. You also talk like (and you'll hate this but it's true) a Tea Partier.

I, by the way, have almost as little like for the Tea Party as I have for the "occupiers." The only difference is that the Tea Party has yet to take over any downtown area, anywhere and build a rat and sewage infested hovel.

I do live here, although not in the city limits. But I do have to put up with the City of Portland as the local 900 pound gorilla. But, then again, maybe you were talking about yourself because you mentioned never getting facts straight and that certainly applies to you.

As for people wanting things from the government, that's what the "occupy" movement was all about. If you'd read their screeds you'd know that. Mitt Romney had it pretty much right when he talked about the 47 percent who supported Obozo. He just underestimated the size of the group. It was actually slightly more than 50 percent as we found out on November 6th.

And I've never called anyone a "commie" or an "ocupooper." I would challenge you to find just one example of my using those terms. Unlike Hugo Chavez, and other Obozo buddies, I know that communism is dead. Your use of the word "occupooper" is the first I've ever heard of that one.

But it is damn funny accusing me of resorting to "elementary insults" after calling me a "kool-aid (sic) swilling conservative" and "a selfish douchebag." That comment does make you a libtard.

We have all found out how long
it takes to ruin a great city.

Precisely the same amount of
time Sam and his cronies have been
in charge of the public's purse.

Again, assumptions and no fact, Joel. You are stuck in a gross paradigm which is why you fail. I said nothing about the Tea Party either, zero. In fact, I feel they are some of the most unreasonable folks as far as reality goes. This country will never agree with a group of upset, angry white people. Not anymore at least, maybe they used to.
Read again.
I am not a fan of them either, yet, you have very little knowledge and mucho blame tossing.
Maybe some more book reading for our dear Joel instead of the ones he is used to? They are apparently out of touch with today's alignment on government.
There are many more people in the world, moreover this country, that don't allow themselves such asinine boundaries as party lines such as yourself. Something you are apparently very stuck on and confused by, which is why you can only view things as conservative, liberal and whatever the tea party and occupy is.

"Mitt Romney pretty much had it right..." should have been followed by a doctrine from 1860 from you Joel.
Cry, cry all you want baby, Romney lost because he is even worse (realistically) than Barry Bomb...which says a lot.
Obomber is as much to blame as the conservatives are for dragging their privileged feet the past 30+ years while the working class that put them there are wising up.
Unfortunately, they weren't so wise about Obummer.
Library cards and are free, sport.
I recommend some Zinn or Comorikish.
However, if you feel like having a governmental debate on here about what you do and don't know based on solid facts and not your opinion, I am more than willing to embarrass you further than you embarrass yourself on a daily with your misguided out of touch hogwash. Again, that would take some actual FACT though Joel, not a poor man's, suburban editorial piece from the burbs...which doesn't even speak for the majority of the demographic of this country.

Happy Holidays.

Ouch, Joel getting a bit owned. To clarify and back-up what I believe "J's" original claim was: the original aim for occupy was not "getting stuff for free." That statement alone reeks of misinformed media gobbledygook. On that statement alone proves what little you know about it "Joelintheburbs."

1. Eliminate Corporate Rights as Persons
2. Repeal of the Patriot Act
3. Forced Acquisition of the Federal Reserve for $1Billion USD by the US Congress
4. Restructure Campaign Finance Legislation
5. Real Health Care Reform
6. Environmental Responsibility Reform

Those were the outlines of the topics "Occupy Wall Street" were focused on. I don't know where you get your 'facts" JITB, but they are clearly and utterly wrong on all levels. Another overlooked situation as that this was a movement that was GLOBAL, and is still being fought for in hundreds of places. It was overshadowed by the MSM's crappy reporting, people complaining about traffic and parks and eating up what they were fed on TV because it's easier to point fingers than to look in the mirror. The occupy camps unfortunately were a microcosm of our society, what's worse is it was conveniently swept under the rug because of the apathetic that generally don't give a shit. Just like the ills of society are on a daily basis by people that find it easier to ignore than actually do something about it.
Inform yourself out there in the 'burbs Joel.

Your facts J, your facts. And if by Zinn you were referring to Howard Zinn...nice job of proving my point that you are a liberal fool. Birds of a feather, don't you know.

Interesting though that this heretofore unknown Asplundh finds it necessary to interpret your facts. He/she/it does get points though for being a good little "occupier" and knowing how to use Google Alerts and for knowing how to lie with the best of them. Too bad for it though that its lies are easily countered by anyone perusing the Internet.

Again, Joel, you fail to point out ANY of your proof that any statements above are false, like usual, you fail.
Any links to back up your rubbish?

I rest my case, done with you.
Enjoy your drivel.

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