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December 14, 2012


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And several European "Democracies" are failing. Do you want that for America? I think pointing to Europe and saying they are doing things right is just silly.

I'm no gun nut, I don't like them, I don't own one. The only time I've ever fired a gun was when I was in the Army. I didn't even have any fancy fake guns when I was a kid.

But I question whether installing all sorts of scanners at our schools, shopping malls and other public buildings is the answer. Nor is creating all sorts of tough new gun laws.

Cracking down on crazy people probably isn't the answer either. Every person who knew the Clackamas Town Center Shooter says he was normal. So far, there is no indication that the Connecticut shooter had any kind of mental problem. Yet, both of them clearly had a screw, or two, loose.

What's the solution? Don't ask me. It's way above my pay grade. But I do know that we need to delay making any decision until after we put some time between whatever is tried and these incidents. It will do no good to make some emotion laden rules that do nothing but make us feel good and ultimately will do nothing to make our Christmases any better.

It's not the rifle it's the capacity. Tons of rifles do the exact same thing as an AR-15, fire a round per trigger pull as rapidly as you like, these are not machine guns, the difference is that nobody makes 75rd magazines for them. Banning all assault weapons would make existing ones much more expensive and scarce over time, same with high capacity magazines which would most likely help but it will take time. For instance during the Brady Bill age a 30rd mag for an AR-15 cost between 100 and 200 dollars, today they cost 10 dollars. I think qualifying the same as police every two years with a psyche evaluation maybe a good move, and allowing those folks to carry nationally would be a good trade. Also waiting period would help with crimes of passion. All this is really secondary in Oregon as it is 100% legal to buy a gun like this from another Oregon citizen WITHOUT EVEN A BACKGROUND CHECK. As for buying an AR-15 online, yes you can choose one online but you have to send it to a licensed FFL who will perform a background check before turning it over to the buyer. This is a very strict process and I have heard of very little foul playing regarding it.

Once again just some background...

I say start a school marshal program with the very best of our returning veterans who are not disciplinarians but are trained to do one thing, neutralize an active shooter scenario. One common thread between all these incidents, the shooters DO NOT WANT A FIREFIGHT, they kill themselves before confronting police, so lets harden the target with America's finest and pay them well for doing so.

This country is gun crazy.

People all over the world go nuts, then hurt themselves or others. Very occasionally you have a long-term nut like the guy in Norway who had it 'together' enough to acquire firearms in a place where it is very difficult to do so. Most of the time, however, they go off with whatever's at hand: a knife, sword or such.
ONLY in America can anyone with very little aforethought and effort acquire a machine that projects small pieces of metal at super sonic speed with the intention of killing (spare me the target shooting and hunting arguments).
For as much as you think European countries are 'failing,' nobody's jumping into the sea in a panic. For all of Europe's problems, most folks live their lives just fine. You know... kinda like... here. And even those who fight to win rights denied and fight against overt racism (monkey chants at soccer games? please) can't begin to fathom the idea of letting anybody and everybody have a gun. We can't fathom the idea of NOT letting anybody have a gun. It's a different mindset.
I hate to write these words, but today (and Monday in Clackamas and all other atrocities) are the price of the second amendment. And it's surely a price we'll continue to pay at more schools and malls in the future.

...and now Schools....?

The Connecticut shooter had autism and the Clackamas shooter struggled with bi-polar disorder, Joel.


The pussification of Amerika continues.... Pathetic.... The only way anyone will get my guns, they will need to pry them from my cold dead hands...

Autism is totally irrelevant when it comes to considering motives for the shooting in Connecticut. Although, since I wrote the post yesterday it has come out that the CT shooter may have been suffering from some kind of mental problem related to his mother. Police say they now have a "good idea" of the motives for the killings...we'll see.

Just maybe we'll find some good reason to quit mainstreaming people with mental deficiencies. The Aurora, Arizona, Virginia Tech and at least one of the Columbine shooters clearly were loony. Do we want people like them out and about among the rest of us? There are people who advocate for mainstreaming, don't ya know?

idiots need to lobotimized, sterilized, and institutionlized.

Growing up in the 50's & 60's my recollection is of decent, middle class families where the head of the family owned a 306 or a 308 rifle for deer or elk hunting every year in season. Shotguns for birds. They also had fishing tackle for salmon, trout, bass, steelhead. when they came back from from their expeditions, they cleaned their rifles, shotguns,and stowed their fishing gear for the next season. In the interim, they barely gave their guns and gear a second thought. What changed? what caused ordinary citizens to become so obsessed with their firearms? if you believe in the power and influence of propaganda, you can track the developmental influence of the National Rifle Ass. which was founded to teach the safe handling of firearms to youngsters, but has grown into a mega million $ scam to promote firearm use as a belligerent and defiant means of defying government. They are the CULPRITS in EVERY case of MASS SHOOTINGS. They have brain washed their membership and taken their money to defy any reasonable effort to control the misuse of firearms by this nation. Who has benefited? the guns and ammunition manufacturers nobody else. Particularly the victims of Clackamas Town Center, Columbine, Newtown CT. Aurora, Thurston High, the list goes on. Just once would I love to see a response from the NRA of sorrow for the carnage that they promote.

Irving you are a piece of work...

It's easier to get a gun in this country than it is mental health help, that's a fact.

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