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December 28, 2012


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This sure wins a few points in the bike uglification process.

Wish I could get an autograph from Officer Malloy, I have watched Adam-12 my whole life growing up and now they have been running episodes on our TV channels here in North East Texas. What a great show !!!!

I just finished watching season one of Route 66. Wondered if Martin was still alive and found this website. I really enjoyed the fact that 66 was all filmed one location. It really gives the viewer a look into American prior the corporated onslaught of fast food chains along our highways.

Given, the interstate systems was already being built around the time of the filming of 66, but the series shows a side of American you just can't see today, even on our historic, scenic highways in the SW.

I am glad Milner is still with us and hope he is doing fine and enjoying life.

-Mark Petersen

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