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December 06, 2012


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Tourist? Maybe. Portland? I don't think so. What intersection is that? Where are those buildings? Isn't that a Pugeot on the right? Are those Tri-Met busses on the left. Isn't that a traffic circle - an intersection of at least 6 streets? Dude... that's Paris. (or, an equally likely explanation: I'm an idiot)

LOL! true dat.

The Paris part or the Idiot part?

You're right Rich. This isn't Portland. The traffic signals are wrong for starters. I don't think it's Paris though, The sign in the background seems to be spelling out PARK in English and that would be totally banned in Francified Paris.

I never understood the "native Portlanders don't use umbrellas" comments. My mother didn't raise an idiot. If it's raining, you're damn right I'm going to use an umbrella!

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