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December 17, 2012


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well i would like to regulate guns out of existance! they serve no purpose but to kill!

The framers also never counted on rated "R" for excessive violence movies or first person shooter video games. Isn't it nice we have these creations from Hollyweird while Hollyweird whines about guns and gun laws.

john the idiot fails to see that people kill people, not guns...

to IJFIII: One thing we can always be sure of, another of your PATHETIC posts. TOTALLY INFANTILE.

Thanks Urban Gent. Who needs this type of gun!!!

How many more babies will need to die?

the thought of people like chuckie aka irving owning any kind of gun scares the crap out of me! and last weeks events are the reason why! guns do kill people thats why they were made!

I Think John Is Right About This, We Dont Need More Guns In The World Just Look What Happens with The Ones We Have Now.

Drugs are illegal,,doesn't stop drug use....Just saying....

Do you really think that guns kill? If you just look at Chicago that has very strong guns laws and who can own a gun, their killings by gun are the highest of any city. Do you think that all these guns in Chicago are bought legally? They are bought on the streen corner. This killer in Conn. would probably have used a bomb if the guns were not available to him. People kill people, they have found a way since Cain and Abel. Should be ban people?


and you did it just like chuckie would have! hell why dont you just post as chuckieII it would be the same!

Hey john, just how many names is Chuckie posting under?

at least two that i know for sure, he is easy to spot once you know what to look for!

Do the IP addresses match john the paranoid coward ???

i am not privy to that info chuckie, you tell me?

The framers may very well not have counted on this,
however, they most certainly did warn of government
intrusions into private lives and individual liberties.

Namely, "big regulations".

Band-aid, emotional, knee jerk reactions
do not solve the root causes of tragedies like we've just had.

Look deeper. Days, weeks, and years of living in
a high stress environment takes it's toll.
Although we have the power to remedy this unhealthy
quality of life issue, We don't.

Why not?

to John: I could never match CHUCKIES depravity.

i believe you urban gent, chuckie is a one of a kind, its easy to spot him, although you you had me wondering once or twice! lol!

But john, you accused UrbanGent of being Chuckie. Make up your mind.

i wasnt sure at one time if he was or not, there were a few posts that sounded alot like chuckie! he has now assured me he is not chuckie, and i take him at his word!

Thanks John, Merry Christmas

merry christmas to you and your family urban gent!

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