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December 10, 2012


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i take it davinci's is no more? maybe they should have charged more for pizza? but i bet it was better than pizza hut or dominos!

There have been TWO "DaVinci's" in the Portland area that I know of... maybe more that I don't know of.

"Da Vinci's Ristorante Italiano" on McLoughlin in Milwaukie.

But I think this ad was for a darts, beer tavern & pizza joint downtown near US Bank Tower. In 1979, there was a DaVinci's on the corner of either third or fourth and SW Oak. I'm going to say the SW corner of 4th & Oak. Not sure what's there now. Google maps show it a STARBUCKS...what else?

Several of us that worked in THE NEW BIG PINK knew the crazy owner and we had plenty of drinks there after work.

What'd I win?

Upon review of the instant replay, the ruling on the field is reversed. Since Big Pink wasn't even started until 1980... it must have been before the top floors were finished... maybe 1981-2 or so. Valentino's restaurant and Captain Lars' art gallery were all on the ground level.

I’m so confused……… (I am a product of the 60’s)

If I buy the least inexpensive, cheese pizza, for let’s say,
$ ten dollars, do I get my second Super Extreme Combo for
$ ten dollars instead of $21.95 and the third for $10?


DaVinci's in Milwaukie was a great restaurant back in the 1990's & early 2000's when Chef Patrick Connor was its owner. He apprenticed at one of San Francisco's classiest Italian restaurants, Doro's. One had to wear a coat & tie just to get in the door if you were a man, and ladies had to dress accordingly. Located in North Beach, they closed back in the 70's or 80's. Chef Connor eventually relocated to Portland & started DaVinci's. Every summer he & his wife would close up for 2 weeks & travel to Italy, eating their way across just one single region & coming back with recipes for the restaurant.

When I looked at their website a few years back he was no longer there, so I guess he sold the place...probably moved back to SFO.

He had the terrific combination of great food, great atmosphere, fantastic service and, of course, a great chef. Whether or not it's still open, I don't know or care - the new owners completely changed the menu - and not for the better.

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