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December 01, 2012


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Today it is dangerous and filthy. Bring back Rose City Buses.

But now we have the Creative Class! Disaffected, over-aged adolescents and their unique hipster ways-- no wonder the city's doing so well! Besides, how many other cities have their own TV show that makes fun of them? Who needs economic vibrancy in a clean inviting city core with no vagrants/teenagers...

Sure it was bustling with shoppers and people working, but was it sustainable? All those automobiles and no trains in sight says to me that they were living a very high carbon lifestyle and not at all in keeping with today's "green" mindset.

All they needed back then were geniuses like Sam Adams and his gang of know-it-all's to really "fix" things.

I love how all the chimers don't even live here. Just yelling from the suburbs.
SR, dangerous?!? Hahahahahahahah, do you live in a bubble? Maybe it's dangerous for those that haven't seen much of the world except for what's in front of their blurry eyes.

Oh, yes, the "good old days" folks. Yes, I sure wish people died younger, still blind to blatant racism and only white owned business and politicos were in office. Yes, those were the days, back when you could really live it up in old Portland.

Wake up you morons, or keep living in your opaque, bland past.

Allan, yes the "good old days". You know, the people that actually built this town and high aspirations for it. Not just bled it for their own personal agendas. Look around you idiot......everything that made this town great is tied to the "opaque, bland past" as you put it. Do you think that in 20 years people will look back on these days and become nostalgic for the Portland of today? Not likely.

@Allan - No I don't live in a bubble you idiot, wake up yourself moron and learn how to read. I never said anything about it being dangerous, that was "Egg Head". Check how blurry your own eyes are first before you post dumbass.

I'm sure there's plenty of blame to go around for the woes of the downtown.
How about the cretinous sterility of buildings like the Wells Fargo structure with its disavowal of pedestrians?

What on Earth does "disavowal" of pedestrians supposed to mean? Try not to sound so cerebral. You fool no one.

SamtheClam, you are an absolute numbskull.
"You know, the people that actually built this town and high aspirations for it."

Do you even know the history of this town, sport? You are well aware that for the longest time there were recruitment hubs here for Volksfront, KKK, and Stormfront, right? Right. Maybe you just forgot that there was a "negro tax" on workers and other pay variances towards minorities that ACTUALLY built this town with their backs and hands while milk toast politicians and ownership groups took the credit you are so easily giving them.
I suggest you put down the remote and chips and read a book, chief. You are talking out of your ass with your nostalgia about the crap in this city up until the mid-70's.

Allan, dude I feel sorry for you. You are likely the type that sees a racist behind every door huh? Sure, and every person in those cars in the postcard was likely either heading home or heading to a secret meeting of the KKK right?

More likely than not, a lot of the people in that picture either served, or had a family member who served, in the services during WWII. What you really hate about that time in Portland, and America, is that people by and large were decent and moral isn't that right sissy boy??

Allan, I think you're going for "milquetoast". You are obviously quite a smart fellow -- what with your ability to regurgitate the litany of bad things whitey is responsible for - did you learn how to do that in school? And your moral superiority is right where it should be. All of us racists out are in you debt. Alas, like Scott, I'd advise you to stay clear of big words. And obscure phrases.

Allan, if you knew about the history of Portland at all you would know that Portland had a very small minority population (it still does) and that most of the blacks moved here during the war for the jobs at the shipyards. You might not want to open your trap unless you know what you are talking about. Take a look at some of the old photos of Portland. I mostly see white workers building everything. I am sure there are/were exceptions but the majority of the work was done largely by European immigrants.

I know this goes against the view of the world that you were taught by other self-hating liberals like yourself, but that is the truth so deal with it sissy boy. I am sure there is a meeting somewhere tonight of the Occupoopers, so you might want to go there to air all of your grievances against the white man, of which I am sure you have many.

my my my, and all this with the christmas season fast approching?

Censoring now, Stump? Wow.
Did something hit a little too close to home?

I posted that response twice, enjoy your box too you hypocrite. I never would have thought that someone so big on freedoms would want to hear honest truths from someone who has not only studied Portland history for the past 25 years, but has taught workshops at L&C, Willamette and Linfield. I guess you really do only enjoy crap and hot air.

Fucking blowhard.

No worries, there's plenty of other sites on the web dealing with ACTUAL Portland topics instead of your lazy "reporting" with marginal (at best) facts and shut mouth mentality.

Enjoy your repetitive nonsense and shitty site geared towards old white men.

im not sure i saw a post here by mr. stump? unless you mean the picture? no matter, it seems a little more house cleaning is in order?

Wow! Delusional much windbag?

Like I've suggested many times before, the easiest way to stop this nonsense is to make people post with a REAL name. Some of you know me; some don't. I've gotten bad reviews at my business and agonized over them; only to be reassured that after 37 years, the customers who count don't pay any attention to those posts. In fact they actually get a chuckle (sorry chuckie) out of them. Dave, please, require posters to be held accountable for their actions, or ban them.

i couldnt agree more tony! i have nothing to hide and would use my real last name here if needed!

Joel, you have no idea what you are talking about. I posted a semi-lengthy comment not once but twice stating why I said what I said prior to the last two comments, in which I changed my name.
Both of those comments were deleted or dismissed.
I obviously have no problem with someone deleting something on their own site, especially if it's without merit, however, this was was not. I was trying to explain to the idiots before on why a lot of people feel that this town has an ugly past when it comes to race.
Obviously Stump only allows things that are comfy and not invasive on his (and a few others) skewed perception of the fact on race relations in this city.
I would post what I said again, but, it would be a waste of time, much like this site has become.

See you later, but most likely not, because you are too fearful to ever leave your comfort zones.
Go fuck yourself, Joel. You misguided pompous twat. You are half the reason why the comments in here are lame, yet Chuckie gets all the blame. You are a pompous wanna-be know it all that bases your "knowledge" off opinion and little to no fact, so I could give two squirts what your punk ass has to say.

Good luck.

goodbye windbag! maybe try the huffer post? you might feel at home there? dont need anymore attacks here, we are trying to get back to basics!

Is this john the pansy's blog ? He seems to think he owns this blog?

Well Irving, It Seems All You Can Do Is Talk Bad About John? Might It Be Time For You To Find A New Blog As Well? I'm Sure John Wont Miss You, Nor will I!

Desciple of Chuckie: Klan meetings were never secret in OREGON, since Recruitment was the key The Klan had a ton of support from the general populace and politicians and even helped Walter Pierce become Governor in 1922. There were Klansmen elected as mayors and in the legislature. While nationally it was Racially motivated, in OREGON its appeal was from Native born, white Protestants, which meant that their main religious targets were Catholics, Jews, Asians, etc. Estimated KLAN membership in Portland and OREGON as a whole was over 20,000

But most plutocrats are apparently willing to sacrifice a bit of wealth for greater control. They kinda like high unemployment because it means that their workers can't just up and leave if they treat them like shit.

really? and speaking of cleaning..... hey mr. stump clean up on aisle 3 please! is chuckie spaming now? lol!

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