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January 02, 2013


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a good man standing behind a good product offered by good service! all together a great company! but i wonder if even this company can outlast obama?

They made it past George Bush...they'll be fine

I Wouldnt Be So Sure Bernie, George Bush, In Fact Both Bush Administrations Were Pro Business, Obama Is Anti Business, In Fact He Thinks He Is Robin Hood, And Wants To Steal From Those who Earn Money And Give It To Those Who Wont Work!

Well, they'll have to hold on for two years because after the GOP takes control of the Senate to go with the House in 2014, Obozo won't be able to get anything done. Of course he hasn't done much so far anyway...unless you count ruining the USA as doing something.

i hope so joe, but in last years state of the union address obama said he would do what ever he wanted with or without congress! that scares the crap out of me!

Maybe 15 years ago, I got a flat tire on a winter weekend... not snowing but cold, raining and quitting time at Schwab in Tigard. Four guys swarmed out, I bought one new tire and they had it mounted balanced and out the door in about six minutes. They would NOT accept any tip.

I thought they looked like an Indy pit crew.

I wrote a letter to Schwab Corporate mentioning names and I got a letter back with a handwritten personalized note from Mr. Schwab. Think that would happen today?

Since then, whenever I hire a contractor, I give first shot to the guy that names his company after himself and I tell him why.

I framed that letter and returned it to the Tigard branch on a really HOT summer day along with a couple dozen iced sodas.

Someday I'll tell the story about meeting Fred Meyer.

awesome story itjd, i wonder if its still on the wall at the store? also about 15 years ago, give or take, i had my two young boys with me and went up on gravel roads all day near mt st helens, and found i had two flat tires at the same time,they were kida freaked out since we were out in no mans land, i changed one with the spare i had, and remembered i had my small boat trailer spare in the bed of my truck, i was stunned that the bolt pattern fit, but the tire was 4 inches smaller than the rest, so i limped back down to the battleground les schwab, and they swarmed all over my truck! i was so impressed i bought all new tires, and ive never had any other tires on my truck!

My impression is that things have slipped downhill At Les Schwab's since the founders demise. More corporate and less personal.
The last time I needed a set of tires the price quoted me was $150 dollars more than what I eventually bought from a competitor with similar service/ warranty!

While our local store over here in the Washougal area is the pits, the Oregon City Les Schwab is and always has been fantastic.

One time I told the manager there that Gunderson's/Les Schwab had told me they "didn't think they'd have time to get to me today," he replied, "you'll NEVER hear that at this store!"

This guys a crook!

Uh Danny, this guy is dead, buried and amoldering.

and billy, when he was alive he was no crook! i hope the clears it up for you!

Schwab's comment as to the reason for his success sums up the premise of the book by Farrel I mentioned in the Farrel's item above, "Give Them The Pickle". Basically, Farrel was saying that to keep customers coming back, take care of them and give them what they want.

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