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January 09, 2013


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You have to admit that today's buses are a lot more comfortable and have a lot more eye appeal. But then at nine dollars per rider in subsidies they should be.

On May 27th 1958 a bus similar to this was hit by lighting and caught fire in downtown pd. 50 passengers escaped with burns ranging from singed to 3rd degree burns, one passenger was taken to the hospital with a severed jugular requiring 3 pints of blood. The bus was a burned out shell after the blaze was extinguished.

I rode on one of these buses in Toronto in the mid seventies.
It still sported some Rose City Transit medallions inside!
They might well be still in service...

I love the "Tri-Meth" comment from you Stump.
Like you have ever ridden mass transit in this city for the better part of 2 decades.
I actually doubt any of your suburban scardey cats would ride it.

Hey Aaron, you jerk. How much do you know? Apparently not a helluva lot.

I don't drive, so I take the bus and I'd count myself among the cadre of "suburban scardey (sic) cats." And I like the Tri-Meth description. It speaks correctly of a lot of people who ride the bus. I find myself taking taxis a whole lot more lately because of the low quality of Tri-Meth riders.

I'd much prefer plain old transit buses
to the ugly expensive mobile billboards
we have now.

"Low quality of Tri-Met riders" - spoken like a true egoist, asshat.

I remember those buses. Used to ride them when I was a kid. The driver would often need to get out after turning corners and reposition and put the electric thingy back on the wires because the pulleys often came off the wires. Yep. I also used to ride the last trolley in Portland..The Bellrose trolley as we called it. Last stop was the Bellrose station on S.E. 136th where the bike path is now. The west end was under one of the bridge approaches. A friend's dad worked the graveyard shift at the yard maintaining those. We went to work with him one night and watched them service them in the "garage" at the time. We would then climb in one and fall asleep on the seats.

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