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January 10, 2013


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Fyi, love the blog. What station is this, and was that the main control room, or a production room? I've seen RV closets bigger than that studio.

Good combo, since KGON is the only station in town worth your listening attention.

I hope his first decision is to dump Bob and Tom. This team is truly the shitz, a mere shadow of Mark and Brian. I now turn KGON off in the morning.

Shows from out of town suck period.

Seriously, what "genius" is needed in programming music for a corporate classic rock format in pdx? Independent and creative jocks? Good luck with that too. I'm sure he's a great guy and respected pro but unless your reprising Martin Mulls role for a remake of "FM" I think it's best to congratulate him on what is really unique.....that someone with his talent and tenure is still working in radio.

I believe the photo of Bob was at KAFY in Bakersfield Calif. Concerning Jacks comments...Harlow is a master at the music, a HUGE missing link for a long spell at Kgon. He will make dramatic changes. When he was the PD at Kgon that station was rocking in the rating book and KISN FM also. He was PD at both stations. Bob knows these formats better than anyone in the country.

That's the BEST RADIO NEWS I've heard in years!!

Maybe he could hire Mike and Amy to do mornings. That would fulfill Dave's fondest radio wish and possibly mine too. I've never listened to Mike and Amy but they have to be better than Bob and Tom who have the worst mess of a radio show I've ever heard. It's totally unfunny and un-entertaining.

Are you listening Bob?

Maybe they could change up the playlist? After 30 years it stinks. Do I really need to hear "Ready For Love", or " Time" from Pink Floyd every day???? How about some lesser known cuts or some cuts from 2nd or 3rd tier classic rock bands that you don't hear anymore. I am pretty sure that anyone who even bothers to listen to KGON anymore can recite their playlist verbatim in their sleep. Enough is enough. I don't know how anyone can listen?

The format is so boring, the music is stale and for the love of god how many more times do we need to hear "cocaine" by Eric Clapton, the live Version and the non live version....who cares? The song BLOWS( No pun intended) Mix of the muisc KGON and give us a nice variety of rock PLEASE!

I agree with many of the other comments here. KGON has been really hard to listen to for many years now. Personally, I could do without any "Those whacky guys in the morning" shows all together. But if that means just filling the time with the same repetition of the same old, same old, that's not going to draw me back as a listener either. As others have said, I hope the new guy will dig deeper in the library and play other cuts off of some of the albums they've been playing forever. Many of us had those albums and liked more than just the one or two songs off of them that KGON has been playing over and over again for the past thirty some odd years. KGON used to dig deeper into the albums - I wish they would now. I don't know if it's simply a corporate situation where they (the corporation) has decided that based on some survey, these are the only 500 songs we ever want to hear, or if it's a concern of playing something "offensive". Whether offensive to the FCC or to advertisers or perhaps just not PC, I hope this revitalized KGON will grow some stones give the listening audience what we want - Hell, maybe you could take a chain saw to some disco (or Justin Bieber) records for old times sake!

500 songs? are you kidding me? all they play in the last 15 years are the same old 3 songs from the who, led zepplin,the rolling stones eric clapton and hendricks! at any givin time day or night just turn on that station and within seconds you will hear one or more of these songs! overplayed is an understatement here, i stopped tuning in to kgon many many years ago, personally i never want to hear any of these overplayed songs again! when kgon got started they called them selves the album station! too bad all they do is top 30 now!

oh and one more thing, what nut thought it was a good idea to pipe in those two nuts from california, for hours each day, no music at all, just two california guys telling stupid jokes! why o why are they still up here on our airtime?

Uh john, it's Hendrix for starters. And those two guys from California, you so despise, retired five months ago and were replaced by a cadre of idiots imported from Indianapolis.

john you need to shut the hell up and quit talking about things you know nothing about.

If you cant spell "Hendrix" you get no say in the matter!

Whats The Big Deal With The Spelling Police Here? I Knew What John Meant! And I Agree About The Mark And Brian Show, Glad They Are Gone. Are The Rest Of You All School Teachers? Lighten Up!

I think Pinky is a john clone.

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