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January 19, 2013


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i dont remember where this was? anyone remember?

It was at 12th and SW Stark and was last a gay bar before the building was converted to the Crystal Hotel by the McMenamins.

The top picture is obviously in the waning days of Portland's mob since that's a '57 Ford parked in front.

i remember walking into one of those joints in the early 80's for a couple drinks. on broadway, can't remember the name.

hot chicks everywhere...with beepers. i was totally clueless what was around me.

learned later, and why i'd been given so many smiles.

Yup Thats A 57 Ford Fairlane, And I Much Prefer The Crystal Ballroom Over Any Gay Bar.

portland mob scene? oh you must mean the occutard movement! portland mobsters? my first good laugh of the new year! LOL!

Um . . yes. . do your history sir. Not recently was Portland a haven for mobsters. Long ago. But Far forgotten. It was shut down by the sixties. Look it up. The Kennedys' were here to investigate just a few of our cities leaders. Look it up!

That lady out front, prostitute?

a prostitute in polka dots? lol!

The place on Broadway was probably Mary's Club - a classic strip joint in it's day.
The '57 Fairlane with a 312 cid V8 was a pretty fast car in it's day. I loved them.
Cars had style then. Who's going to remember a 2007 Ford Taurus?

my dad had a car like that 57, light blue and cream with a 390 police intercepter motor! he sold it before i could drive it! and chuckie, the closest i ever came to the mac club was far right field in pge park! fool!

FYI - organized crime has never left Portland. Nowadays, they just work a little harder at putting a legitimate face on it.

wasn't Mary's Club. closer to where the Fox theatre was.

Marys Club Is Still On Broadway, Just Dont Ask Me How I know That! LOL!

The location in the photo was more recently the Silverado, and before that, Flossie's; both gay clubs. Stark Street is becoming ever more boring and flavorless.

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