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January 22, 2013


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Yeah, and Beyonce's Super Bowl Halftime Show, that'll be "Live"... NOT!

What the hell does it matter? It was her voice recorded the day before. The marine corps band commander agreed with her when she expressed concerns about doing it live since they had not had time to rehearse. Why are people so up in arms about this? All performers at events like this record a backup track in case there are last minute issues. Its not like she pulled a Millie-Vanilli.

who cares she is a dog.

Barry's been pretending to be presidential for four years. I think its quite fitting.

Yep, Porn Mom, you nailed that one.

Kelly Clarkson sure went live along with James Taylor who can't sing anymore. She fits right in with the commie faker standing behind her. Four more years of ruin.

Bill Cooper: Welcome to The STUMPTOWN BLOGGER where every other post is a Right Wing conservative rant, no matter what the subject matter always connects the blame to our commander in chief.

Majority rules...scoreboard baby!

Urban Gent obviously hasn't been paying attention. Bill Cooper isn't exactly new on this blog. Of course UG is the typical jerk who comes around these parts and thinks he can change everything just because it doesn't fit into his particular prejudices.

I told Bill about the blog, and no you can't change something that is etched in stone. not even tryin' and the only prejudices i have are name callers.

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