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January 03, 2013


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Another place where the Customer was always put 1st!

I was so proud to be part of the Farrell's "family" for seven years. Lines out the door, and the guest was the number one priority.

Well, that isn't a picture of the original Farrell's. The original was at 21st and West Burnside. The picture is of maybe the Lloyd Center store.

The original was located beneath a Tradwell Supermarket and opened on Friday, September 13, 1963. My high school drama group used to make the trek down to Farrell's quite often...any excuse to party. Our group of 25 or 30 kids would take over one of the big rooms in the back and order a couple of Portland Zoos.

Great memories. Too bad the chain was eventually sold to people who had idea how to run it. I do hear that the name has been sold to a group that intends to do things as Bob Farrell and Ken McCarthy originally did and attempt to make another go of it.

i only remember the one at 14th and broadway, maybe it was on 15th?

I grew up in Hillsdale, then our family moved to Beaverton, so the Farrell's we went to for Birthday's and other activities was the one in Raleigh Hills, up the hill from Fred Meyer's.
I remember when the Portland Zoo's came out for parties, they would come out with sirens blaring carrying it on a stretcher to deliver it to our table.

Wasn't one of the luscious ice cream dishes
there called "The Portland Zoo"?

Hey Michael, try reading the previous posts. The Portland Zoo is mentioned in my post and in another, that one being the post right before yours.


I Know I Am A Newbie Here But It looks Like Mr Stump Has A Problem Weeding Out The Useless Posters Here, I Would Like It If He Kept A Little Tighter Leash On This Message Board. Just My Thoughts On This Chuckie/Irving Thing.

John, the one on Broadway was the one Joel mentioned as the Lloyd Center one.

Bob Farrel wrote a book called "Give Them The Pickle". It should be a must read for all service type industries (banks, restaurants, stores, etc.) It is a good book and after you read it you will understand where the title comes from.....something most places don't understand.

I only remember the Washington Square one. Sadly, the Gap occupies that space today...

Three buddies of mine worked at the Burnside one, and when two of them moved to Seattle, they both went right to work at the Aurora one up there. That store still had the same tabletops & flocked wallpaper until a few years ago, & popping in for breakfast & a couple of Mary's always took me back to 1969

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