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January 04, 2013


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They paint and carpet the office evertime a new mayor moves in. It could have been done a lot cheaper if they put it out to bid with a prevailing wage clause but the either mandate prevailing wage or they use city workers. It could have been done for about 30% of what they paid, because of this. Can you imagine how much surplus there would be in this city if everything was put out to bid, and the Union criminals had to meet or beat the bids. Oh, right. That would be common sense, and we can't have any of that here in Portland, where the Union criminal thugs run things.

That's the way it is in Multnomah County. Registration, last time I checked, was about 70 percent Debtocrat.

The last statewide Republican candidate I worked with we got to within just a little more two points of victory, But here's the rub. When you counted Oregon's vote, excluding Multnomah County, he won by four percent.

Clearly, the rest of the state should get together and kick Multnomah County out. Even with blue counties like Washington and Lane, we'd still have a nicely red state.

Let Multnomah County be its own little communist dictatorship run by big labor.

I'm old enough to recall interiors of public buildings
as a bit plain, but adequately furnished for the job.

Oak chairs, tables and desks that lasted for years.
Plain, off the shelf industrial carpeting that wears well.
All of the walls painted a single color,
and not repainted unless a real need (worn, flaked, cracked).

Gov't buildings now often have the most pretty and
comfy throw-away furniture someone else's money can buy.
Custom carpeting with a city, county or state's logo on it.
Designer paint colors changed on a whim.
The list of expensive niceties goes on and on.

But, the people stayed mum about waste.
The spenders were silently given a thumbs up.
Now wasting cash is the daily business of government.

Mayor: First order of business.
Shall the council declare an emergency and
vote without public comment on remodeling
the new mayor's office, and authorizing
overtime for the project?

They ay's have it.

Next on the agenda: The Hales's Swales Project,
and replacing the grass in city parks with sod.

I'll bet the bid documents on each project was at least an inch thick and the red tape cost several grand each.

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