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January 18, 2013


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back in the 40's and 50's it was called the Super Highway, the only inland route to points south of Portland. The Bomber was placed at that location in 1947, and you could actually climb up and explore its interior, sit in the cockpit or the tail gunners seat. Mr Lacey, its founder actually flew the plane into the Portland Air Base himself and then trucked it south to its present location. over the years the interior got so beat up that people were not permitted access to it any longer. My first job was working for Don Belles, who built a restaurant right on Johnson Creek,called Belles Brookside. Our business neigbors were Oregon Saw Chain, kaschs nursery,Hanna Industries, the OLCC,and the Oregon State Police, providing Don with a steady clientele. Don bought a HUGE Bell and placed it in front of his restaurant, and we employees or Don himself would go out at noon and ring it,bringing in customers from blocks away. We all got to know a lot of the state troopers who'd come in for CharBroiled burgers, steaks and salad bar. The officers were all great to visit with, and we had many employees from the state offices, Oregon Saw Chain Hanna, and Art Lacey would come in 2-3 days aweek. It was a fun place to work.

I remember Belle's quite well as my family ate there quite a bit when we lived in Eastmoreland.

Too bad that "Urban Gent" is lying....

i wish the keeper (mommie) would take her computer away from chuckie! it would be a great benifit to the good people here on this board!

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