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January 11, 2013


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Rollie Truitt was among the best at calling Beaver Baseball action from Vaughn street and from the studio when the team was away from home. He was a master at recreating away games from wire service feeds. The last person I knew who could recreate was Cliff Zauner. He did what I think was the last one from KYXI.

alas, no more portland beavers baseball! now all we have are a bunch of drunks chanting for a european sport! 107 years of baseball history in portland gone thanks to idiot sam adams and idiot merrit paulson!

...and you can thank the fans for not showing up as well, John.
If the team sold out all the time (like the Timbers do) or came even close to it, we wouldn't be having this discussion. Was Paulson partly to blame? Yes. However, you cannot overlook the fact that they were very poorly attended %98 of the time. You can't expect to keep something if there's no interest.

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