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January 14, 2013


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You sure have that right, Mr. Stump!!!

i called him on it many years ago, nobody can do what he did, without help and you know what i mean!

The simple fact is that the sport of cycling was rife with doping...Armstrong did nothing out of the ordinary there. What Armstrong did do was lie through his teeth about his use of performance enhancing drugs and that is what he is paying for today.

To compare Lance Armstrong to Bernie Madoff is just a bit extreme. Did Madoff create charities and contribute millions of dollars to them. Nope he bought multi-million dollar mansions and generally lived the posh life with his purloined fortune. Armstrong lived a good life but he also donated millions of dollars to help people. Madoff never did.

Bernie gave millions to charity. Read the new book.

Confessing on the Church of Oprah? How funny. He is a manipulator like the Pied Piper in the White House. He may confess his sins, but he doesn't mean a word of it, he just wants back in the glow of the spotlight.

No way!

So Jan, you are right about BO, except dogs don't do STEROIDS

And now we learn that Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o was part of a hoax involving the "death" of his girlfriend from leukemia. So, was this part of a plan to get the Heisman Trophy for Te'o? Can you be a stand out in athletics without lying?

sure you did toilet toe tapping john.....

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