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January 04, 2013


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Oh man, oh man. We are poles apart on this one. I thought Skyfall was an excellent 50th anniversary Bond film. Daniel Craig looks very comfortable in the role now, much as Sean and Roger did in their respective third films. I know taste is a very personal thing, but come on now. I find your comments to be so wide of the mark it's painful. Perhaps you are not a Bond fan, or you are perpetually stuck in the Connery, Moore or Brosnan era and wish things had not changed. If things hadn't changed, we would not be witness to the cinematic 007's 50th anniversary; the series would've most likely not recovered from the financial troubles of the 90's and License to Kill would've been the last Bond film ever.

You are quite definitely in the minority here as Skyfall is the first billion dollar grossing Bond of the series.

You rebel you! :)

I agree with David on this one. I really like Craig as bond, and I thought the acting and action sequences were very well done. But I feel they made it too much a generic action flick, as opposed to Bond. There was nothing that really set it apart from a Bourne film, for example. I need my Bond to have a bit more flair. The films takes jabs at things like the gadgets and gratuitous bond girls, but isn't that what makes a film a Bond film? I guess I just grew up with too much Roger Moore. I need a few more gadgets, a touch more humor, and a villain out to ruin the world.

personally the last good bond movie was octopussy! could never see anyone other than sean connery, even took a while to accept roger moore, the the bonds of now dont cut it for me!

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