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January 24, 2013


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They ought to be throwing softballs rather than tomatoes.

Nothing is funny about this woman.

Yeah, the republicans have no room to talk. Remember the Iraq War anyone? Remember Rumsfeld sending our boys out to get blown up by roadside bombs daily for a couple years before they even changed their strategy? This went on day after day with Hannity and Limbaugh and the like saying nothing but "You're a Great American" and crap like that.

I personally have think that the Repubs have hit rock-bottom. As bad as the democrats are the Republicans offer no viable alternative so they dwell on stuff like this which gets them nowhere.

Typical liberal ruse...change the subject and blame the GOP. Do you work for the MSM OutandAbout, if not you should. You have the proper mindset.

To JoelintheBurps:
George W. Bush received a presidential daily briefing on Aug. 6, 2001, in which he was warned: “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.”

Bush listened to the briefing, Suskind says, then told the CIA briefer: “All right. You’ve covered your ass, now.”

That is no ruse, thats the TRUTH. not sayin that shrub knew about the specific attack, but his watchmen had enough intel to make even a half hearted attempt of preparedness. then for the next six years bragged about how Shrub kept us safe from attack. talk about closing the barn door after the cows were already gone: Almost 4000 people dead on 911 and 1000's of GI's dead or maimed, all based on a LIE. By the way, Hillary voted to go into IRAQ. You conservapigs should be sending her flowers.

So many idiots in denial; so little time left to finish off democracy.

I forgot Gent, you liberals think two wrongs make a right. So, it just makes sense for Obozo to deny that anything is wrong and keep on blaming whatever Republican he finds convenient. You certainly don't want Obozo to take responsibility for anything.

in the proceeding year before the first election you baggers used every symbol in the book that entailed racial hatred of Obama, from witchdoctor to hitler to stalin, to naziism, socialism, marxism & fascism. to watermelons and fried chicken, from being uppity to shuckin and jiv'n, or do you deny that ever happened? I'm sure that if Hillary had been the candidate, she would have been subject to that kind of hatred. Keep on listening to Lumbaugh and Hangity guys, cause I know thats where you all get your inspirational trash talk.

UrbanGent, Don't waste your time using facts with joe. Debating with him is like dueling with an unarmed man. He hasn't met a side yet he can agree with. It makes it so much easier to be against everthing.

Really Gent, you know none of that crap was used by Republicans to slur Obozo but you sure do seem to love it. And of course, the Obozo forces didn't slur Romney at all other than calling him a too wealthy wife killer. Funny thing is, all of that wealthy talk seems to have avoided John Kerry who is equally well off, part of the one percent, you know?

And, for the record, I don't listen to Limbaugh or Hannity or any other talk radio. So I guess I get my ideas somewhere else because I certainly couldn't come up with them all by myself.

Joel is just another toe tapper! aren't you Joel?

hey chuckie isnt it time for you and your mom to go to the goodwill store, since she got her welfare check today? FREAK!

Irving, you know so much about toe tapping. You clearly are trying to distract people from your own proclivities.

Chuckie and Larry Craig: toe tappin buddies

so what wrong with tapping your toes? is there some hidden meaning somewhere?

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