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February 05, 2013


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Nothing new here folks. This has been around since, at least, 2009 and while the price was set at the equivalent of $600 US in Chinese Yuan, it's expected it will cost a bunch more if it ever makes it to the US.

I mean, really, do you expect the US government to ever let it on the road before it gets the total nanny state treatment. Add all of the goodies required to be road legal in the US and you'll be paying $12,000 for an encapsulated motor scooter.

The Volkswagen (VW) L1 is a real car, seats 2 and if released would have a price tag $25,900.
Volkswagen has designed and built the L-1 with an eye toward better gas mileage and lower carbon emissions. It has not yet resulted in a production model to be released to the public, but Former VW chairman Dr Ferdinand Piëch actually drove the L1 to the VW shareholders' meeting in Hamburg from his office in Wolfsburg which lies about 84 miles South of the German port. Piëch recorded 317.4mpg with an average speed of 43.5mph.

The two passenger car is equipped with a carbon fiber body, 299cc single-cylinder diesel engine, anti lock brakes, driver's airbag and an electronic stability program. The L1's price tag of $25,900 was much higher than what the German automotive company targeted for consumers.

The UK Telegraph followed the progress of the L1 over the years reported that the project had been scrapped and later restarted. The L1 has design challenges such as the passenger having to sit bobsled style with their legs around the drivers seat as well as excessive noise and vibration adding to passenger discomfort.

Piëch now heads VW's supervisory board and is still working on fuel efficient vehicles for the German automaker. The L1 appeared to be a stepping stone and a learning tool to design more efficient vehicles. Piëch said, "We will never build a one-litre car, but it could give us the knowledge to build a two-litre car."

The VW company also introduced a 3 liter vehicle, the Lupo, which seats four and goes about 78 miles to a gallon of fuel.

its a death trap! who cares how many mpg it gets when your dead?

toilet toe tapping john is such a pansy....

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Messerschmitt_KR200

Do you even bother researching anything you post on this shitty blog?

Right on Joe in Burb. BTW How did we live this long? My first junker was a '51 Ford 2 door.
No air bags-no ABS- no roll over protection-no crumple zone- no seat belts - bald tires!!
Like most 17 Y/Os I drove like Sterling Moss. The difference was, I learned to drive before I
was turned loose on the road. Half of the drivers today belong in the back seat. They just aim
and step on the gas. Tailgate - pass on the right - yack on the cell phone - text friends- check
Face Book on the iPad - Everything but focusing on driving. No wonder there are so many wrecks.
OH, I forgot! Those are called "accidents".
These little cars would be safe enough if not for the idiots that will run over you.

VW will make more money selling tickets to the government mandated crash tests than selling those as new cars.

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