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February 25, 2013


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According to Google, the average annual wage in 1911 was approximately one percent of today's average annual wage. Therefore, the suit in today's dollars would be $1500 to $4000. For $4000 you could fly first class, round-trip to Saville Row and buy a custom tailored suit.

Not even close Joel...R/T on British Air leaving sometime in May is about $7700.00; The CMT (cut, make & trim is tailor talk for bespoke, or hand made) is about $1200.00; their Holland & Sherry super $120's wool taken from the Merino Sheep grazing along the Snowy River in Ausralia's Blue Lake region, is about $180/yd, times 4 yards, equals $720.00, plus CMT $1200, plus R/T totals $9620.00.

Check Orbitz in early March. Round trip, Portland to London is around $925 depending on what day you're traveling. You're right about the cost of a Saville Row suit but way off on the airfare.

Uh Joel, you said FIRST CLASS! Orbitz is $7800.00 in March.

By Googling "orbitz portland to london round trip first class" you get the cheapest flight, although it requires you stay for a month, of $921 departing PDX on March 26 on US Air. If you want to stay for a week, then the cheapest fare is $924 departing PDX on March 11 on United.

Seeing the time of your last post, you must be staying up too late Joel. I checked 4 sites for FIRST CLASS flights, including Orbitz and United who you referenced above, and not one is under $7700.00. And I'm assuming the fare you found that requires staying a month that you're staying somewhere free of charge! Let's assume however that you have found a killer deal at $99.00 a night; that comes to $3069 for 31 days. I suppose your ground transportation and food is free too? What you probably meant by your first post on this subject is that "for $4000.00 you could Row to London First, then take a Class on how to sleep in a custom-made Cadillac Saville for month"!!!!!

See that phrase in quotes in the first sentence of my last post? That's exactly what I Googled. And if you don't want to stay a month, then pay three dollars more and stay a week.

If you Google the phrase I quoted then you'll get the price table I noted...unless, of course, you bought the special high prices only browser. Or maybe you're thinking I was talking about flying to London, Ontario, on a private jet lease.

I didn't notice that I was up terribly late. I typically go to bed about 1:00 a.m. and get up around 4:30 or 5:00 a.m. There's really too much money to be made out there to be wasting time in bed.

I must now agree with the majority of other posters here Joel; you are a complete f---ing FIRST CLASS idiot. "There's really too much money to be made out there to be waisting time in bed". How much are ya making spending time on this and I'm guessing other blogs?

Well, Tony it's your right to be an asshole. Feel free to sleep your life away, just don't criticize me for being up at -- GASP! -- midnight.

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