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February 11, 2013


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awesome! according to the sign i can have burger shake and fries for 1.05! where can you get any one of those for a dollar now?

The Skyline was so cool. Much better than The Speck at 50th and Foster or Yaw's. Very much like Arnold's...a true drive-in. And it also had the very good fortune to be on the west side.

looked like a gem for sure, wish i could have tried it!

They had an outlet downtown for a short time in early 80's at the former Yamhill Marketplace. Delicious ! There was a Mazzi's as well, if anyone remembers them.

oh i remember mazzis alright! first time i ever had or heard the word, calazone! what a fantastic place! im sad its also gone! but we have 200 micky d's and buger king now! WHY?

I haven't been to Portland in a while. Is Skyline still open?


U.G. So the Skyline here in this picture is still open?

Open for business at 1313 NW Skyline Blvd.

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