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February 14, 2013


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Sen. Rubio's sip is the only thing that Obozo's friends in the MSM have been able to find to criticize in the response to the SOTU. BSDNC re-ran the clip 155 times in the four hours following and Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert managed to criticize the sip and pointed out -- GASP!!! -- the talk had a right wing perspective.

What is truly funny is that while you'd think Sen. Rubio's sip was the worst thing in the world (Wolf Blitzer implied that it would end his political career) the MSM has only heaped praise on Obozo for saying the same things all over again in his fourth SOTU.

why how dare the man drink water on tv instead of koolaid!

JbozoITBS there were numerous criticisms from both sides of the political spectrum of the "sip" you are just using it as an excuse for dissing the POTUS one more time. as far as showing it numerous times, this was all over the internet. It is not the sip that will end his political career, it was the speech itself which was more RW pablum & typical(nothing new here folks, move right along)once again the RW is putting its worst foot forward dissing "BIG GOV" which the populace as a whole believes in you must have been watching it all evening to be able to report (155) how many times the BSDNC(what is that?)played the clip.

I was anchoring Fox News Radio's coverage of the State of the Union and Rubio's response. I was either typing or looking away, and missed the water thing complteley. Ergo, I'm proud to say that the big water sip recieved no mention at all in our coverage.
I'm not sure which is more insane: covering the sip, or covering the coverage.
'Covering the coverage' was a phrase I first read in 'The Bonfire of the Vanities,' describing a chickenshit way for bigtime papers like the NY Times to make first mention of a loathesome story without having to stoop to actually covering it.
The practice has been perfected by all in the nearly 30 years since that book came out.

Water, water, every where,
That's Rubio's only chink.
Water, water, every where,
That's all the media can think.

After four years of listening to the TelePromTer-in-Chief; Obamalinsky's lap dog media has lost all journalistic objectivity.
These fools are incapable of judging content or applying critical thinking to anything that is not in complete alignment with their leftist leanings. They can only dwell on the trivial and the inane.
Dear God, please deliver us from the flakes and fools in the U.S. Congress, Republicans and Democrats, and other senseless fools where ever they may be.

UrbanJerk, you obviously weren't watching any of the SOTU or the response since you clearly have nothing to say but what was reported by BSDNC. How fricking pathetic you are.

You really want to talk about Sen. Rubio having nothing but more of the same to say. Obozo gave another version of the same SOTU he has given three times before. I'm sure before long the YouTube clip of Obozo repeating himself will be updated to add SOTU 2013 to the mix.

How can you talk about the SOTU without dissing Obozo, unless you are an Obozobot. But them you are an Obozobot, so you probably don't understand that.

And big deal, Obozo stole the 2014 election by lying. Or did you miss the one about Gov. Romney killing Joe Septic's wife when he headed Bain. Just one example of Obozo's filthy lies.

Just a little advice UrbanJerk, gets your ducks in a row before you embarrass yourself by commenting.

You really cant get over the fact that OBAMA won in a landslide. One of your problems other than your postings are out of your butt, is your proclivity for name calling which is a major ugly personality trait in anyone not to mention a lack of character. I would hope that your friends & family (if you have any) care enough about you to call you on your BS.

Really UrbanJerk, Obozo's 51 percent was a landslide. First you're full of crap about the content of what was said in the SOTU, then what was said in the SOTU response, now apparently you think 51 percent is a landslide.

But I guess you prove how ignorant you are by criticizing my name calling...in other words, shoot the messenger while ignoring the message. Of course, you would have to understand the ins and outs of what's happening to the country before you could understand the message.

As much as I hate to repeat myself, you are a pathetic POS but you're in horrible company with Obozo and Pelousy.

Name calling is one of the UGLIEST of personality traits and is indicative of a low minded non thinking, lack of character and moral values.

Okay gentlemen, choose your weapons! Then meet in the parking lot at 13th & Washington at 4:30 this afternoon to duke it out!

Yeah UJ, that's why you find it so helpful. But then I place absolutely no value in anything you post.

Then show us you have at least half a brain and quit posting out of your BUTT

And what part of no value do you not understand?

you have a proclivity for absurd NAME CALLING; shows a distinct lack of CHARACTER as well as a lack of HUMILITY. So if you place no value on anything I post, don't respond. Of all the ridiculous posters on this site you win the prize. even CHUCKIE has a better sense of humor than you.

You have much gall in accusing someone of having no sense of humor. You have a stick up your butt, you admit that I can talk out of mine.

Your logic is also incredible. You, for some odd reason, think I should show you how stupid you are by not responding to your comments because you say I should not respond to your comments. Yeah, that makes a whole lot of good sense.

That last remark was made with tongue firmly implanted in cheek. It's sad that I have to explain that to you but that's the way it is when you deal with IQs below 50. But I do see from some of your posts that you are learning how to look things up in Wikipedia.

Really, you should just keep to sucking Obozo's whanger. You're much more suited for that little (and I do mean little) job.

"Really, you should just keep to sucking Obozo's whanger. You're much more suited for that little (and I do mean little) job" JoelintheBurbs 2-16-13

Way to go JO in the Burbs you have just surpassed CHUCKIE when it comes to LOW CLASS Posters with this last one. You can post as many of these as you want. Make yourself proud, but be sure and switch hands once in a while, blisters, you know.

JO in the Burbs: There are thousands of ways to gather information including Wikipedia. when I post information I almost always note the source, and since I like to share information with intelligent posters unlike yourself, they usually take it for what it is. INFORMATION. I also acknowledge when I post erroneously. Something you would never do, since your high IQ would prevent you from admitting a mistake. BTW a high IQ does not equate to High Class, you being the prime example.

Wow! Two posts. It sure is Hell when you get to sputtering isn't it UJ?

But thank you for the compliment. Chuckie, other than his predilection for using all caps, was a rather interesting read unlike other posters on Dave's blog (look in the mirror UJ) who aren't worth the land it will take to bury them.

And by the by, I have yet to see where you borrowed extensively from Wikipedia and gave credit for your theft.

please joe, get back on your meds. You are more irrational than usual.

it is always entertaining to see libtards frothing at the mouth... if they actually held a real job instead of sucking off the goobermints tits, they would see that Barry Soetero will destroy this Country......

Both? Are you seeing double UJ? Oh, I get it. It's typical liberal paranoia. Sorry UJ. No both. Just me but I'm still out-zinging you...you pathetic liberal Obozobot.

Yes UJ, we get it. Now do you have anything of any value to add?

joe, you of all people to ask another person if they have any thing of value to add? Have you read any of your own posts?

No comment needed.

I just keep thinking David is ghosting this entire thread. Bumpin' the numbers on Google.

That's it, I'm sure!

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