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February 25, 2013


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Please, No!

remember Bush and Cheney?

remember gas under 4 dollars?

what in the world do gas prices have to do with who's president? Prices are controlled by opec and brokers. It always helps if you throw in a refinery fire or weather event.

That's the way Obozo tells it Mr. LIEberal. He also doesn't think the high unemployment rate, the increase in food stamp recipients or the decrease in family income has anything to do with him.

Just wait kiddies for Sequester time! Holy hell is going to break loose and this genius concept was brought forward by The President Barry Hussein Soetoro

I agree Mr. UG. I keep hoping to get an original thought or at least something helpful and positive from JoeBoy,but my hopes are always dashed. He brags on his smarts but disappoints me every time. I think Joe is actually Glenn Beck.

Oh yeah. "remember Bush and Cheney?" is such an original thought. You lame liberals can't do anything but blame Bush. Obozo has occupied 1600 Pennsylvania for more than four years now. It's all his.

Go away you pathetic POS loser.

anyone remember all the uproar about gas hitting 3 dollars when bush was in office? the demos wanted his head on a platter!,they had inquiry meetings and commitees to determine if bush had anything to do with it!! and turn about is fair play now! only we are way past the 3 dollar mark and still going up, with double digit real unemployment numbers this time!

Man! Does a pic of two fine gents ever raise a ruckus. How about a pic of McCane & Palin?
Two examples of rotten choice for V. P. ( not to excuse Bush Jr.)
Oh! And about that gas price; Wasn't it Nixon who said that a loaf of bread should not cost more than a gallon of gas? Well, there you are. Blame the bakers. I also remember that oil was around
$24 a barrel during the Reign of the Clintons. But then, Bill was not seen hugging a Saudi Prince.

I assume by Palin you're referring to Sarah Palin...who now has fortunately fallen off the bus. But who is this McCane person you're talking about?

Sorry Joe. That's McCain - with a cane. Thought you'd get it.

Really John McCain is only 76 and a vibrant 76 at that.

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