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February 04, 2013


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Having this pig as mayor of Portland would give me another good reason to be glad I don't live in the city limits.

The only positive thing you can say about Roseanne Barr is that she makes Jane Fonda and Beyonce look good...and I'm not talking physically here.

i think she would make a good mayor of mc donald's since she must eat there multiple times every day! portland just got rid of a sicko mayor! why do we need another?

Not really THAT much of a stretch of the imagination.

Actually, pretty close to reality.

Hey guys, watch "Portlandia" and put it into context. Damn funny plot.

I dont get the channel that portlandia is on, However, I salute all parties involved in its production. while I dont get the channel, you natering nabobs of negativity dont get it either. Its a spoof, a parody, and most intelligent Portlanders GET IT. We are also glad JITB, that you dont live in the city limits, but keep on with your natering comments on every post, and you might get it right eventually.

The sad truth is that Portlandia is not a parody or spoof, it's a documentary.

Hey Gent, I'm glad I don't live in the city limits too. The unfortunate thing is that Portland is the 900 pound gorilla and living near Portland is living in Portland. Thanks for being such an anal cavity though.

By the way, I do have Independent Film Channel available to me but I still don't watch Portlandia. I tried it once when it was new and found it decidedly unfunny. What is funny is how you know so much about the show when you can't watch it.

I've never seen an episode. Can I get it on Netflix or a DVD and catch up?

If you really want to check it out RANZ, it is available (free I think, although you say you'd pay to see it) on Hulu.

Another way that Gent proves himself to be uninformed since he clearly has a computer and an Internet connection. He could see it if he wanted to but he'd rather sit back and take potshots at people who tell the truth.

The sad truth is that Portlandia is not a parody or spoof, it's a documentary.

Posted by: Pete Skimmel | February 04, 2013 at 09:24 PM

You're correct it is also a documentary as well as a spoof and a parody. As for JITB, I have watched enough episodes to understand why it has become a successful program nationally, but dont wish to pay the additional fee to comcast to get that channel. and JITB, whats not funny about a massive band made up of the various weirdos that reside in this city, marching along the waterfront in all their weirdness. evidently enough people in this country who view it, get the joke and are delirious to visit this town and thousands of them do so every year, as a result.Lucky for them, there is nothing for them to see in your neck of the woods, so you wont be bothered by the tourists.

"He could see it if he wanted to but he'd rather sit back and take potshots at people who tell the truth." - Who's truth, Joel? Yours? How very humble of you.

Guess what? Your truth is an opinion and not fact, get over yourself. Your regurgitated, uninformed, grumpy old white guy schtick is like a damn broken record, Joel. You constantly drivel useless, nonsensical, nonfactual blather on a constant basis in here and then scoff at anyone who dares not to agree with your opaque views on the world and your "facts" which are really just your shortsighted opinion.
Talk a walk already, get some air.

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