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February 13, 2013


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What a ridiculous thing to do.

Yeah Allen, pretty ridiculous...especially since you can't even afford a gold painted model Mercedes. You need to go sign up to be a soldier in Obozo's class war.

Where did that come from, Joel? Do I know you?
Is it normal for you to talk sh*t to people on the internet? Because if you spoke to me that way in person, you would be wearing your ass as a hat. Watch who your talking to, you shallow coot.

You don't know me, or what I can and can't afford. However, I assure you that I would never be an idiot with enough self esteem issues and gaudy taste to want a Mercedes, let alone a gold one.

P.S. Obama? Really? I have no confidence in him as much as I did the other corporate shill you idiots rolled out against him.
Nice try Mr. Bitter.

Allen its not just you Joel hates the Whole World! and Welcome to the board.

He has the money Allen. Why would you want to even presume to tell him how to spend it? And what makes you presume you could hand me my ass. For all you know I'm a six and a half foot tall former lineman or maybe I have a concealed carry permit and always pack. So now, who's shallow.

A gold plated Mercedes may not be for you (And really, do you think you have enough money to afford one?) but that still doesn't give you the right to impose your thinking on someone who clearly does have the resources to afford to buy gold plating for his car.

You may claim not to be a fan of Barry Obozo, but with comments like you made you're an obvious candidate to march in the class warfare army.

Pinky, learn a little grammar.

Another BUTT POST from Joel

"that still doesn't give you the right to impose your thinking on someone who clearly does have the resources to afford to buy gold plating for his car." - says the guy imposing his thinking across the comments section of this board, on a daily basis.

Keep on trying, Joel.

This blog is unfortunately becoming infested with Obozobots. Allen, Stinky and UrbanJerk, please go over to Blue Oregon or Media Matters. Your low IQ drivel will be much more appreciated at either of those sites.

im wilh joel on this one, all they have left is profanity and playing the race card! its quite pitiful!

Yeah John, Joel's a real SAINT, never calls anyone names, never insults their intelligence, never posts negative comments about any subject, he's just a happy go lucky guy who's got a great personality and shares his good will with all of us posters. If there ever was a warm and fuzzy guy that would be JO in the burbs, and I always look forward to his posts with high anticipation of greatness, and such an intelligent and thoughful human being he is. He is the YODA of Stumptown. witty and wise

I remember them, however you are the only one that seems to be still obsessed by them while doing almost the same as they are.
Pot meet kettle.

I have been here for years, champ. Just because I don't post on every other thread, doesn't mean I haven't. I have other things in my life than checking up on Stumptown blogger's parade of conservative zealots on the daily and the other nonsense.
Again, uneducated assumptions, John.

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