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February 25, 2013


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I go through Penney's at Washington Square from time to time and no matter how much foot traffic there is in the mall, Penney's is a mausoleum.

That's because they're all on their way sitting in first class to Saville Row to pick up their custom-made suits!!!!!!
(see advertisement from 1911)

Penney's is going the same way as Mervyn's. To bad as Penney's use to be a good store. It just doesn't have the appeal it once had.

Amazing how one guy can come in and screw a retail institution into oblivion. Eddie Lampert at Sears...Hal Smith at G.I. Joe's...and now Ron Johnson at JCP.

The Washington Sq. and Clackamas stores are lifeless expanses of white, poorly stocked and staffed. They put on a pretense of upscale on the floor, while employing cashiers in baggy cargo pants and untucked flannel shirts.

My first job out of college was with a grand old department store in the South. At least I have the memories, and a few pictures, of how great this sector of retail used to be.

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