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February 06, 2013


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The misperception that the U.S. Postal Service is mismanaged is the result of targeted propaganda from the private sector (FedEx, UPS, etc.). For many years the USPS delivered mail at a reasonable, reliable price. Try getting that same service from the private services, which have been shown to be over-priced, unreliable, and completely clueless as to the meaning of "service." It is sad to see a new generation lied to and subject to the whims of yet another corporate takeover of public interest.

Yes, now I will get spam only 5 days a week. So sad. No more mid saturday refinance offers, no more AARP comeons (I'm 33!)

If you look up some of the history behind this, it is a textbook example of an avoidable problem caused by Congress.

Remember that the USPS is supposed to be self sufficient, neither using tax funds nor turning over revenues to taxpayers. In the early part of the 2000s, the USPS was self sufficient as intended. In fact, it was found that they were over-funding their employee retirement. Congress Read More... stepped in to "correct" this. The result was some good things, such as savings that allowed the USPS to pay off existing debt and also helped them not raise rates for some time. There were also bad things, such as not accounting for inflation and reduced revenue that caused financial strain a couple of years later.

However, one of the worst parts was that Congress mandated that the USPS must pay the costs for military pensions that their employees had earned from prior armed forces service. This didn't even make sense for a supposedly independent organization to have to pay what is clearly a taxpayer obligation. The USPS states that this requirement ended up costing $27 billion before it was changed back in 2006.

Fast forward to 2006. Congress removed the requirement of paying military pensions, but didn't offer breathing room because it added the requirement to prefund health care for retirees. Also, this was not just starting to prefund. It also included "making up" 10s of billions as if they should have been doing it all along.

No other government entity is required to pre-fund health care for retirees and it isn't required for private companies to do it either (some do and many don't). Doing it in the face of falling revenues made it even more difficult. Add to that the fact that Congress didn't give the USPS the leeway it needed to appropriately restructure to accommodate the requirement. There is some logic behind pre-funding, but to suddenly expect the USPS to come up with billions extra each year to cover this unexpected requirement makes no sense.

From a comprehensive post on the subject; Huffington post

The Post Office is moribund. It would be better if they announced plans to begin shutting down. It is another example of how the Internet is changing the world we live in. Newspapers are shadows of what they once were...Borders is gone and Barnes and Noble is dying...The Yellow Pages is a sick joke.

For the pro-union screed on how Congress screwed the Postal Service: Huffington Post or any other branch of the main stream media.

Every word in the HP post is exactly what happened, but getting used to your SCREEDS now, since they are posted many times a day.

Urban gent would believe that communist manifesto the huff post... You are an idiot.

After reading the first three posts I had hopes that reason and truth had taken hold. But no,then came the loonies with the same old thing. Those mean old unions and the media are out to get us. Keep on trying UrbanGent, there are some of us with a brain that appreciate your insight.

ED is Chuckie who comes out of his stupor every so often to spew his inane and soporific insults.

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